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  1. professorbeej

    Save Files as Unminified JSON

    Hey, folks. My partner and I are collaborating remotely on our game, and we are using GitHub to do it. It works great for the most part, except when I am trying to merge branches or pull requests. What happens is that if either of us has edited MapInfos.json or Actors.json or System.json or...
  2. professorbeej

    Generator Files on Mac Not Showing Up

    So my partner is having real trouble with generator parts showing up in his RMMV installation. He is doing everything right, and his file structure matches up with mine exactly. He is even using the zipped contents of my Generator folder that works. They are the exact files, just copied into his...
  3. professorbeej

    Workflow Question: How do you handle long conversations?

    For me, I have been doing it all in the event editor, typing out the dialogue and text-codes, adding the faces for emotions, and all that. I'll copy one character's last Show Text, paste, hit space, type the new content, copy the next character and so on back and forth and on down the line...
  4. professorbeej

    Mark All Tiles Impassible in a Tileset

    Hey, folks! I want to get into plugin development, so I figured I'd start out by trying to alleviate an issue I have that I can't find a plugin for. Personally, I hate individually marking tiles with 0, X, * because I have far more X tiles than anything else. So I want a plugin that can either...
  5. professorbeej

    How do remote devs collaborate with RMMV?

    Hey, folks! My co-author and I are working on an MV game based around our Steampunk novels Nimbus and Stratus. The problem is that we live a considerable distance from one another now, so being able to collaborate side-by-side like we did with the books isn't possible. I was thinking that we...
  6. professorbeej

    Removing a Dead (Knocked Out) Character from Followers on Map

    Hey, guys. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it so that when a character is knocked out or at 0 HP, they don't show up as followers on the map. I found an old thread about doing it in Ruby, but I can't seem to find the JS equivalent or RMMV plugin. I have an event that applies...
  7. professorbeej

    Event Won't Trigger when Actor Walks Over a Tile

    I have a couple of simple (I thought) events that would trigger when a player walks over a specific tile. I just want dialogue to pop up, then have a second one that gives a choice of whether to be teleported. I thought it would be a simple Player Touch/Below Player activation, but nothing I am...
  8. professorbeej

    Chrono Engine Pop-up with Random Battles

    Hey, guys. I am just learning RMMV, but I ran across Chrono Engine by MOGHunter. I love the overworld battles and all that, but I also wanted to use the standard turn-based mechanics instead of active-time. I can't quite figure out how to set it so that I have random encounters active, but...

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