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  1. Sharm

    Can't reply to profile posts

    Lately I've been encountering what I think is a bug. I can't reply to some profile posts, and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it; these posts are asking questions and wanting a reply. I haven't had a chance to double check, but so far it seems that it's the most current post that I'm...
  2. Sharm

    Ease of use extras for resources

    So this will probably end up focusing on the resource packs being sold due to the nature of the questions, and my questions talk more about art stuff simply because I'm an artist, but I'm curious about this for all resources, not just the paid stuff and not just for art stuff. What extra things...
  3. Sharm

    2k and/or 2k3 bases

    So I'm probably just being blind, but I can't seem to find a base for the 2k or 2k3 RTP sprites. If the only ones available need credit then I'd rather just make them myself but I swear they already exist. Both full size and child if you can find it.
  4. Sharm

    Art from the older engines

    I'm just asking as a community member who's curious, I don't have any power to make it happen, but I'm wondering how many of you would be interested in an art pack or a collection of art packs that had the art from a bunch of the older engines that will probably never get a release here and the...
  5. Sharm

    Gage Images

    I'm looking for a way to use images instead of the computer generated gages that are default in RPG Maker. I've tried out Rocketmancer's Pretty Gages plugin, and while it does add a lot of nice options, it doesn't work as well for doing gages in a game that uses pixel art. The art I'm using...
  6. Sharm

    Sharm's Character Busts

    Hello all! I have a few character images to share. Made these years ago as a drawing practice. Feel free to use in your VN's. I still have the original uncompressed images around here somewhere too, so maybe with enough requests I'll add some alternate outfits or expressions or touch them up...
  7. Sharm

    Small error with Galv bust menu and Mog cursor border

    Okay, so I'm using Galv's bust menu and Mog's cursor border. Mog's plugin works with every menu I've tried except the bust menu, and only when selecting the character. The default border is correct, circling the character only, but Mog's extra border goes around the entire character section...
  8. Sharm

    Thoughts on how to do a better map editor in RPG Maker

    I know this is probably going to duplicate a lot of what gets said in other places, but I thought it'd be nice to have a discussion of just the mapping without the limits or distractions of the other existing discussions. What I'd like to see here is reasonable ideas of what RM could do to make...
  9. Sharm

    Pixel Palette Tool

    CapBros over at OpenGameArt is currently working on a tool for quickly and easily editing the palette for graphics with a limited number of colors. This is great for recoloring sprites and pixel based assets very quickly and intuitively, and even has support for processing the same images in...
  10. Sharm

    Allow weather to use resources for particles

    Description of the Feature: Weather is surprisingly rigid compared with the other artistic things in the engine. Right now you can select rain and snow and storm, but you have no choices for the particles beyond that. I would like to have the ability to customize things just a little more...
  11. Sharm

    Autotile templates for Pyxel Edit

    For those of you who own Pyxel Edit I've made a template for four sizes of autotiles. These templates aren't going to be useful in anything else, but in Pyxel Edit they're set up so that you can see different test configurations as you draw and make sure everything matches up the way you expect...
  12. Sharm

    Does anyone know what the raised stone is for?

    So the RTP of both Ace and MV has a bunch of tiles in the interior A2 set that are called Raised Stone.  (Third set of tiles from the right).  Does anyone know how they're supposed to be used in mapping?  The best I can come up with is some sort of raised platform but I'm not sure.  Why have the...
  13. Sharm

    Amaranth Tiles

    Does anyone have information on the Amaranth Tiles or know where to find them?  I know it's okay to edit and repost some of them and I have some random pictures from all over the internet, but I'd like a really clear knowledge of who made what and what the credit rules are. I'm asking because...
  14. Sharm

    Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    I've been considering making an MV sized version of Pixel Myth: Germania.  At first it looked like too much work to make it worth my time, but I've been playing with some upscaling methods that make the work required a lot less like redrawing everything and a little more like polishing it up...
  15. Sharm

    Little icons

    Love the fact that the store now shows what engine the packs are optimized for, that's a really nice touch.  I would like to be able to use those icons the same way on my own personal website, would that be possible?  If not I can make my own, but I'd prefer to use these since these are so...
  16. Sharm

    Pixel Myth Sprite Bases

    I've been fiddling with these bases for a long time now. It was my intent to come out with a sprite pack, but I wasn't having as much fun coming up with the character stuff as I was with making the base itself. What I really want is for the base to be used, so I'm giving it away for free.  These...
  17. Sharm

    Mapping of old RPG games.

    I thought it would be fun and useful to discuss how mapping used to be done back during the beginning of jRPG's as a genre and other similarly mapped games.  I'm talking about games from the first and second generation of consoles and handhelds, like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and...
  18. Sharm

    Rules Do not ask how to use resources here.

    It is not the responsibility of the artists to teach you how to use RPG Maker. In general if your question starts with "How do I?" it is a support question and should be asked in that section of the forums not here. The exception is when you're asking how to make a resource, which belongs in...
  19. Sharm

    Rules Resource Request Form

    When making a new request thread, it would be helpful if you follow this form: Resource Type: (Characters, Battlers, Tiles, Icons, ect.) Maker Format: (2k,2k3,XP,VX,Ace,MV) Art Style: (Ace RTP, Mack, LPC, Cartoony, Realistic, Artist's original, ect.) Description:  (Please be thorough.  The...
  20. Sharm

    Parallax Battlebacks

    I'm working on some battlebacks that have the ability to wrap. Only on the horizontal axis, but I'm not excluding the possibility of a vertical one.  I'm also building them in a lot of layers so that they mix and match easily.  Are there any scripts out there that could take advantage of that...

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