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  1. Silenity

    Icon Ideas for JP/SP?

    A star - being guided by the stars, etc A book - knowledge, w/e Class specific = fist for warrior, shield for knight, staff for mage, etc
  2. Silenity

    Two formulas for action sequence

    It would probably be better to post your own unique thread with more detail on your issue rather than necroing a 3 year old thread.
  3. Silenity

    what is the track list for the DS resource pack?

    1-20 are from DS Resource Pack. 21-40 are from DS+
  4. Silenity

    No Sv Actors!

    They dont have them lol
  5. Silenity

    Yanfly Lunatic Code Help

    That works like a charm. Thank you so much! <3
  6. Silenity

    Yanfly Lunatic Code Help

    I'm trying to replicate something like this: -Fighter has the Combo passive. -Every attack increases his Combo by 1. -The more combo stacks he has the more damage his attacks do. -If he does something other than attack like use a skill or item, the combo resets to 0. I tried editing the code...
  7. Silenity

    Given Challenge vs Self-Imposed Challenge

    Eh. Disagree, think of challenges such as Nuzlocke in Pokemon. It's just for fun. Making players "earn" their fun doesn't sound very fun either.
  8. Silenity

    How Long Have YOU Been Using RPG Maker?

    Since 2013 with a solid 0 progress on anything because im dumb and keep scrapping all my projects. But I still have fun with it since its always just been a hobby of mine!
  9. Silenity

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    Happy new years yall! sad boi aesthetic for 2020
  10. Silenity

    Screen Variables

    Sweet release.
  11. Silenity

    Older scripts that never made it to MV?

    Honestly, I'm surprised that after all these years I haven't seen an equipment levels plugin. Fomar's Equipment Levels from RPG Maker VX Ace
  12. Silenity

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Heyo. Tryna make a damage formula where the luck stat plays as bonus damage. So your luck is from 0-100 and you have that as a percentage to land a bonus damage and then a roll on your luck as actual bonus damage. Hard to explain so will show example. Harold has 25 Luck. Harold's attack has a...
  13. Silenity

    Yanfly's Attachable Augments Questions

    <Augment Attach: type> Add Passive State: x </Augment Attach: type> Make state with a trait that allows them to equip whatever weapon type you want. EDIT: Wait I misread the question. The above answer is wrong. I'll keep looking.
  14. Silenity

    How did you come up with your name?

    I got it by combining the words Silence and Serene.
  15. Silenity

    Using differently sized faces.

    Upsize it? Put it in a 96x96 window and add a frame so it doesnt look so empty?
  16. Silenity

    [MV] Need help using plugin commands w/YanFly's Class Core

    It'll be its own unique plugin.
  17. Silenity

    [MV] Need help using plugin commands w/YanFly's Class Core

    Check out Corniflex Class Core Add-On
  18. Silenity

    Giving the player optional Risk and Reward

    Kinda depends. I feel like it's always reward anyway because most players will reset until the results fall into their favor. It could be something like loss of a party member via permadeath also Fire Emblem, or loss of stats, significant gold/item loss, buff to enemies on a global scale so now...
  19. Silenity

    Changing default attack animation based on character/weapon This will help for different weapons.
  20. Silenity

    New Release: Classic Heroes

    Nice release @Low

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