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  1. Neverward

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Absolutely love this collection, your a boss ;D
  2. Neverward

    Music Theory for the Untrained/Curious.

    This is very well written, you manage to make the theory a little more understandable. I would say that there are not enough examples throughout the text, not much breathing room for people to absorb. I could see how the onslaught of information, which regularly step by step takes people months...
  3. Neverward

    Tree-Making Tutorial

    Wow this is so great :O how are there no comments or likes? You rocked it, showed the technique well ^^
  4. Neverward

    Maybe you could cut some of those steps by using the gradient tool that makes the whole picture...

    Maybe you could cut some of those steps by using the gradient tool that makes the whole picture follow a gradient. I'd tell you what it's called but my photoshop is acting up at the moment crashing my comp ><
  5. Neverward

    So many Parallax JS's... which to choose?

    Hello there. So programmers are making a lot of JavaScripts that help us Parallax, and it's very awesome and I'm excited to work with them. But because there's so many I'm having a hard time figuring out which one is right for what I need. People seem happy with most of them, but I was wondering...
  6. Neverward

    It's been a while since I checked out what you're up to and your work is only getting better :)...

    It's been a while since I checked out what you're up to and your work is only getting better :)  this set is really posh, everything from the curtains to the rugs are high quality!
  7. Neverward

    Larger Icon Dimensions

    Alright thanks a lot, that goes on my list of things to ask a serious programmer about :)
  8. Neverward

    Larger Icon Dimensions

    Hello there~ I'm curious if there's any way to create larger icons, not a larger icon sheet, but the icons themselves. Any plugins, files I can edit, or any possible way for me to do this? I've been searching but it's proven difficult. The project I'm working on doesn't have a ton of items...
  9. Neverward


    Hey there~! Welcome, I'm sure you'll find plenty of help here, and if you don't you can always ask for it!
  10. Neverward

    New to the forum but just recently got rpg maker again

    It's lovely to have such a helpful and talented person in the boards! Welcome and I wish you luck with your projects!
  11. Neverward

    Hello, RPG Maker Community

    Hey there! Welcome to the forums. It's nice to have writing skills with game making because the storyline is half the battle! Any other shortcomings can be worked on, and there's so much resources and help here it's really easy to get into! So good luck and I hope to see you around!
  12. Neverward

    Hello World

    You said all you need to say haha, but it would be nice to know what talents you have if you ever want to contribute to the boards! And if not, then know that everyone here is ready and willing to help you along :)  I wish you luck in your RPG making endeavors! 
  13. Neverward

    Hello, dear forum members!

    Welcome and good luck on your new project! Keep in mind that everyone here is super helpful and will answer all your questions or help with resources if you not too shy to ask! It's an easy community to be active in :)
  14. Neverward


    I feel for you! I had a really hard time affording RPGmaker and I've been two years in hiatus because I never felt able to afford MV which was the only platform able to do what I want! I think it's well worth every scent though if you really want to make a game with it, the possibility of your...
  15. Neverward

    Back from the dead for MV!!!

    Thanks a lot everyone! :D
  16. Neverward

    Back from the dead for MV!!!

    Hello everyone and thanks a lot for checking out my thread. I'm Hannah, (or Phaetum, or if you knew me from RPGmaker VX Ace forums, Neverward.) an artist, writer, and developer of awesome ideas! I'm an avid gamer and have been since I had my portable PS1 at 7 years old. I love it all, RPG's...
  17. Neverward

    TYKE 2014

    These are lovely, and a good example of how you learn over time, they are an improvement to the old tykes. I especially like the shape of the chubby one :3
  18. Neverward

    Mega Tyke -character template-

    Wow the edits are even better :) made the legs look better. I also like the tiniest one a lot too and have been wondering where I might find it. Would you mind sending it to me too?
  19. Neverward

    My dog ate my waffles!!! xD I'm worried and ammused at the same moment!

    My dog ate my waffles!!! xD I'm worried and ammused at the same moment!
  20. Neverward

    Dreaming Mary (Sidescrolling Adventure Game)

    Just finished this game and managed to get two very different endings :)

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