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  1. whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Thanks so much. I will be utilizing a ton of these! 
  2. Need video tutorial for XAS Hero Battle system

    Hi super awesome tutors out there who I'll definitely credit for helping me. I really need VIDEO tutorials (best uploaded via youtube) on the XAS Hero battle system. Website For direct download. Here is a link for VX ACE. VX Ace And VX. VX Here is a link MANUAL on how to use the system...

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well... for the first time in months... I feel like my game is headed towards something again. I finally have it where I won't be drawing battle assets for the rest of the year...
What I would give to actually get some feedback on my game...
// Gives his message plugin the ability to evaluate any string as a function call and stuff it into MV's update cycle.
// Finally makes his Randomizer not require his message plugin to operate at efficient levels.
Progress! Now I just need my Randomizer to not need one other plugin function. :kaoswt:
*when the One Map Challenge is the only time you can finish a game*

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