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  1. mobychan

    Yup, that's it^^

    Yup, that's it^^
  2. mobychan

    Kazzador's Fantasy Sprites

    It's the RPG Makers "internal" generator accessable via the Menu in the Ace version The files have to be placed in the subfolders of the Generaor folder in you makers program folder (usually in program files) and this only works in Ace, since the other versions don't have this "feature"
  3. mobychan

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    The y positions is set depending on you choice i show text (top, middle, bottom) try looking at this method: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update Window Position #--------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. mobychan


    The ressources are fully available in the psd file. If you mean including in the swf file, why not just do one yourself? ^^
  5. mobychan

    Jomarcenter's FREE logo Workshop

    jomar, please at least spell and grammar check your logos... "Where entertainment enjoyed" kinda hurts... And that blue of that strange line in that logo doesn't fit with the violet in the C behind it. And I have to say there's still not really anything that would make you a worthy logo maker...
  6. mobychan

    Yanfly scripts

    did you read the instructions and set everything up? I believe you have to add the commands somehow...
  7. mobychan

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Are you sure it doesn't work? 60 frames equals 1 second, maybe try inputting a greater value to check Mind posting a screenshot? It's easier to help then ^^
  8. mobychan

    Real Life Stores

    No one at Enterbrain would have anything against you using some stores names, It's the stores themselves. If your game is just a little free one and you don't "talk bad" about the stores there most likely won't be anyone who says anything against it. But I'd recommend using store names and...
  9. mobychan

    Keep the TPs the same after a fight

    I think there was a script by Yanfly that did that... I guess it's the TP Manager
  10. mobychan

    Enemy hp not what I set?

    Isn't rpg maker kinda Randomizing the Enemy HP a bit? At least I thought this was the case...
  11. mobychan

    [Ace] Horizontal Commands?

    Try looking at a window, that is a HorzCommand window and work from there, always helps understanding the basics ^^ Ans if you describe what exactly is your problem, it's easier to help ^^
  12. mobychan

    Simple HP check event

    You can set the amount of HP to a Variable via Control Variable (the Radio Button Game Data) then just check the Variable in your conditional Branch ^^
  13. mobychan


    OGG is quite small but still has very good quality, so it's a good choice for your game if you care how big the files will get when it's finished ^^
  14. mobychan

    VX Ace graphics to Minecraft texture pack...can I do it?

    RTP Tiles are only to be used in RPG Maker, so yes, that would make your project illegal
  15. mobychan

    The Resource WIP Thread

    It's looking quite nice, Genii, but those tanks don't fit the perspective, it looks like they're falling back
  16. mobychan

    Events using up MP

    I guess you can find Control Variables in the event commands yourself? here's the rest:
  17. mobychan

    cut-scene screen movement

    No problem ^^
  18. mobychan

    cut-scene screen movement

    In ace there's Scroll map on the second page of the event commands, I guess that's what you need ^^
  19. mobychan

    Digging a hole

    you can either have him move to a side you specify (set move route has Move Up/Right/Down/Left) or just have him move 1 space backwards (also in set move route) in the direction he came from ^^
  20. mobychan

    Events using up MP

    To change the name go to the terms tab in the database. To check the MP the character has use Control Variable with Game Data -> Actor X's MP I guess you already figured out how to subtract MP?

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