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  1. Yato

    RMMV Rainfall: Final Messages (Demo Released!)

    Thank you very much LittlePIGGY. Has anyone given the demo a try? We'd love to hear what you all think :) In the mean time, have a few more screenshots of a couple puzzles and the text message system.
  2. Yato

    RMMV Rainfall: Final Messages (Demo Released!)

    Hello all! It feels like it has been a long, long time. It has certainly been a long, long time since we've mentioned this game at the very least. After three years, we finally present a demo of Rainfall: Final Messages! Why did it take so long? - RPGmaker MV is a pain. A pain that we decided...
  3. Yato

    Event Secret Santa 2018 aka the IGMC Review Trade Thread

    It's been a while since I've written a review, but why not. I would like to sign up (assuming non-rpg maker games are okay. I think I saw at least one unity game?) My entry is here.
  4. Yato

    RMMV Rainfall: Final Messages (Demo Released!)

    It gets worked on occasionally here and there. We haven't been game deving much due to real life, but some progress has been made.
  5. Yato

    Equip Menu Issue With Luna Engine

    Prenote: I have no experience with Luna Engine outside of taking a quick look at it, so this might be off base. I think all the setup is handled in the "config" scripts, so depending on the differences between 1.2 and 1.5, you might be able to get away with just replacing the core files. You...
  6. Yato

    Change Window Color - the frame

    Perfect. That pointed me in exactly the right spot for the first problem. I don't know why I skipped over rpg_core when I was looking for all the base files. Our game now includes one tinted frame The second problem is probably related to the plugins in question, so I'll do some digging into...
  7. Yato

    Change Window Color - the frame

    What I'm looking to do might not be possible, but I'd thought I'd throw it out to people who are more familiar with MV and javascript than me. By default, when you use "Change Window Color" to change the tone of a windowskin, it only appears to change the background color and not the frame...
  8. Yato

    RMMV Rainfall: Final Messages (Demo Released!)

    I've been very, very slowly working on a few custom script things and learning javascript, so it will be another few days before I have anything substantial to share. But in the mean time, have the last of the characters thanks to the ever hard working Maki: Oh, and I suppose I helped with...
  9. Yato

    So I'm Trying to Make Something Complicated...

    The post linked to for the music one has been updated. I can't update the image one quite yet as the thread is archived, but here is the script:
  10. Yato

    So I'm Trying to Make Something Complicated...

    I've made a script to change the title screen based on in-game variables, and also made a version for music at someone else's request. Unfortunately, the forum upgrade seems to have destroyed the code boxes, so I will need to look for the original code on my comp and link it/edit the posts.
  11. Yato

    Cannot post in topics within the Social Media Announcements section

    Trend I'm noticing from the replies: everyone who can't post is in the Member+ group and everyone who can is in the Members Group. As a side note, in the early adoptors group, I also lack the ability to reply to that thread. [Edit] And it looks like the issue has been fixed now.
  12. Yato

    im still having a bad time : (

    im still having a bad time : (
  13. Yato

    What is your most anticipated game coming out this year?

    I'm really looking forward to Uncharted 4, even though I keep forgetting it's a thing until something reminds me. It's still set for a March release as far as I remember? Other than that, I'm so out of touch with the game industry most of the time, I don't have a clue.
  14. Yato

    Player movement problem after autorun

    You're turn the player's "walking animation" off, which results in no animation when walking. Is there a particular reason why you are turning it off? There is no harm in leaving in on all the time unless you're trying to do something specific.
  15. Yato

    Maki is the artist, not I. And the puzzle was for a community game (BQ7 to be exact), so it's...

    Maki is the artist, not I. And the puzzle was for a community game (BQ7 to be exact), so it's not something I have any control of. Thanks tho :)
  16. Yato

    Not as of yet, no. Little sceptical if it ever will at this point.

    Not as of yet, no. Little sceptical if it ever will at this point.
  17. Yato

    [ACE] Fixing the enemy letters for hidden/transformed enemies?

    You're on the right track. You just need to reset the hash that determines how many times a name has been used. The hash doesn't have a public method, so I just made a quick little function to reset the names. Place the following in the materials section of the script editor class Game_Troop <...
  18. Yato

    Videogames you're bad at.

    It's hard to say since I avoid them. It's mostly stealth elements in other games. Skyward Sword comes to mind. Also the garden bits in OoT, though I've gotten better at them with time. Any attempt to stealth in Uncharted or Last of Us tends to end with me being spotted after a kill or two. I...
  19. Yato

    Videogames you're bad at.

    I'm sure there's more, but the first one that comes to mind for me is stealth. Oh man, am I bad at stealth. I tend to hide in a corner, get myself all worked up and tense, and then bumble the simplest things.
  20. Yato

    [RGSS2 - RGSS3] IEX Extended Item Description Conversion?

    The only major thing I could see that absolutely needed converting was loading the tags on database load. However, the scrolling text on extra long description seems to be broken. I can take a closer look at it if you intend to have more text than fits that extended box, but otherwise I just...

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