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  1. Icelord888

    (MMO)RPG Maker MV

    I think this might help you, you can integrate SRD character creator plugin in your project to generate players with custom apearance, I already managed to do that in my multiplayer project and it worked out pretty well. You can also integrate it with an event display name plugin to show off...
  2. Icelord888

    How do I compare multiple variables?

    There is a way that dose not require js, only what you have in rpgmaker, I belive the following will help you in your case, you want max of all values right? Then make 2 more variables, one called VarMax and one called EndingID, place the first value from your first variable that you want to...
  3. Icelord888

    Expectations for Steam game sales (Gamasutra articles)

    Generally when making a game, like all products you take a risk, the more you invest in it (time, money, people, etc...) the greater are your odds of success, but it is a gamble, you may have 90% chances of success but you also have 10% chances of failure and the die sometimes lands on those...
  4. Icelord888

    November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread!

    Get 100 downloads on my game Get 10 reviews in any format Get 1 youtuber to make a video about it Finish my studies and be free! Sketch and plan for my next game project
  5. Icelord888

    Expectations for Steam game sales (Gamasutra articles)

    I have to agree with Poryg here, developing a game was made easier with time, but actually polishing one, that has only gotten harder. Player expectations have only gotten higher and higher and their patience has gone down as well as their interest(or is it?). Imagine going to buy candy as a...
  6. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

    Update! Added: The ability to switch between windowed and full screen A file containing sensible tips & controls know how Released a new version fixing: Save corruption and deletion when trying to save in some areas of the game. Game crashing when trying to load non-existent load file...
  7. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

    Yes I became aware of this bug, tough it may be a bit hard to fix, also note that there are zones where you can't save your game(because of paralel events so don't try to push the system too hard or you might end up deleting your save files (through I do not know how to solve this yet).
  8. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

    [/SPOILER] Also the simple flower is not really titular in any way, the real soulflowers are the characters (especially the two). And thank you for sticking with the game to the very end, having some random person telling you that they like your game... It's just a dream come true :kaocry:!
  9. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

    I am glad you like it, just wait until you get out of the crypts :), I made a guide and you can find all the answers here, but to answer your question its 067, because you see 15+25+1 is 41 and 25+41+1 is 67! (The One reminder bit is important too!)
  10. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

    That sums up well the beginning of the game, which I agree, from what I gathered it's the weakest part of my game being also the first one I worked on and I hadn't really mastered the engine at that that point. I am also glad that some of the points got through and I am also guessing that you...
  11. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

  12. Icelord888

    Recreate "Battlefield Abilities"

    In battle Eventing create a page that will proc at the beginning of the battle. Then change actor state -> Entire Party, add desired state, change enemy state -> entire troop, add desired change, this event page will proc at the start of the battle once and if you want to get fancy with it , it...
  13. Icelord888

    Force action on ally?

    @Wavelength I see... I am preety far into my game and adding a new plugin might be a bit of an overkill for me, even if I already have a lot of Yanfly's plugins, but I will give it a shot with the common event, it might just work... Thanks!
  14. Icelord888

    Your favorite RPG class?

    Anything with a lot of survivability, I hate being taken out in a few hits, I want to see how the battle unfolds from start to finish.
  15. Icelord888

    Battle Formula: Why?

    I can think of two reasons why this was done: One - the devs wanted to give you an example of a more "complex" formula to show you what you can do with it, or at least the basics. Two - You want to see a better damage scales, seeing low dmg numbers isn't as fun as seeing big numbers flying...
  16. Icelord888

    Force action on ally?

    Recently I have been doing a lot of battle event-ing in MV and I use force action often, but now I have hit a blocker of sorts, how can I make an actor or enemy cast something on a specific ally? I discovered how to use the Indexes through conditions and variables to make an actor attack or use...
  17. Icelord888

    How do I create a state that has a chance to inflict other negative states?

    I tried everything but my character either ends up poisoning himself or having a buff that dose nothing.... I created a skill called "Poison Coating" that adds the state "poisoned blades" (till this step everything works) then this state has under traits Attack State: Poison+100% (if i add the...
  18. Icelord888

    How do I create a state that has a chance to inflict other negative states?

    I will get straight to the point, is it possible to place a character under a state such that when said character, let's say attacks, he/she has a chance to inflict a state on the target. (Imagine a skill named Apply poison , your character poisons his weapon placing him under a state named...
  19. Icelord888

    Help Naming Creatures

    Snowdrifter, Cold Eater, Snow Scarecrow, also you could call his little minions Howling Echoes or something like that or you could go the other direction and just call him a simple name like Buford , yeah have you heard the legend of the serial killer Buford and his snowmen, yeah that would be...
  20. Icelord888

    Is it possible to have a skill do a 'TP Drain' by using a damage formula?

    Or make your own script calls...

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