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  1. Marquise*

    The Book of Shadows (Released 9.12.19)

    Argh when sites are less than helping hosting.
  2. Marquise*

    RMMV New hand drawn Kawaii Game - The Isle of Bobbin

    If I was a kid I would like to play that like if it was on my grand-ma's wall ^^
  3. Marquise*

    RMMV Can I do this? Balloon Fight-style movement

    I wish I had an answer. This is pretty unique and good idea. Ever thought asking in help wanted (programmer) tread? Even if this is a prototype. I feel sorry nobody answered back to you and I am just good with imagery.
  4. Marquise*

    Original Character Contest II!

    Awwww~! Looks cute! I bet every winners will want one. ^^ Sorry for the workload. (Might be hard to do a robot tought. XD ♥ )
  5. Marquise*

    July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    I feel lazy these days. Maybe more escaping in the Fallout universe more than I should. DC have a last bad tooth in the rear side of her mouth and MrC claw cells growths under the 3 thumb paw... like he hadn't enough front paws toes or something. I am patching back the lab at the moment but...
  6. Marquise*

    How to make desert maps more interesting?

    Mysterious crashsite/ruins/artefacts
  7. Marquise*

    RMMV Isekai Demonica (No Travel Game Jam)

    I want a poster of your maps sometimes @Mrs_Allykat
  8. Marquise*

    Tonbi's material factory

    That's a bold move kid skeletons ^^
  9. Marquise*

    Where you drew inspiration from in order to create your games?

    I am a lot of what if THAT in space or what if THAT existed but not was we pictured it. Just like the very few unicorn left on Earth that Alexander The Great described in his conquests but Bayeux just never saw what a water horse even looked like and even less with a horn on its face and being...
  10. Marquise*

    Why are "School" stories so popular?

    I guess it has to do with leveling up, discovering the world, society and ourselves. Just seeing how other characters do this and how they live their chrysolid states is fascinating.
  11. Marquise*

    RMMV Collectible Card Game [Name Pending]

    Ack... I should try that some day. Been asked a lot but great you got on it @FleshToDust (BTW your logo is nice on here -I use the white screen config)
  12. Marquise*

    My Aesthetic Adventures

    I love that look into your imagination ^^
  13. Marquise*

    When making the next version for your released game, do you make a copy of your project?

    I am so afraid to loose my long time work anywhere that I make safety back-ups ^^ I think soon I just should call them the last date I touched them ^^ Also I save them in multiple formats and mediums/locations.
  14. Marquise*

    Game romance that's not your type?

    I've found one with extraordinary good animations in it but it was a free game about dating Colonel Sanders from PFK. Altought it was about getting to learn how to cook story... ergh ishhh.
  15. Marquise*

    July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Installing RMs on the portable then got to do Photoshop's turn that led to install all mini programs I took for granted but I forgot how so much quality of life they brought me and how useful they were. Will take things one at the time. I can't wait too much.
  16. Marquise*

    ~SmashArtist's Art Workshop~ [0/3 slots taken] ((CLOSED))

    Oh hope she took it before the links broke.
  17. Marquise*

    Some of my musical works here! All invited to listen ;)

    My you gotta love fair use ^^ That music is incredible.

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