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  1. BlackRoseMii

    RMMV Discussing the Anime Hero Advantage Concept

    I agree with ShadowDragon. The best method to do that in games is through story-telling, visuals and gameplay. Story-telling is pretty obvious and not limited to games. Visuals and graphics can change after unlocking whatever makes them special. That could be by changing the sprite, design or...
  2. BlackRoseMii

    Battlers should only use buffs if they have no buff active at the moment

    I don't have any knowledge about scripting or damage formulas, so I might have an idea about how to work around that. It might be a little rough and I don't know if it could work, but it's at least worth a try. Add a status to the buffing skill that locks all other buffing skills. You'd have...
  3. BlackRoseMii

    RMMV Need ideas - Side Professions / Hobbies related to Zones

    I think for the toxic marsh you could introduce either making medicine/antidotes or make weapons based on poison. The hidden cavern could be for hunting and food gathering (depending on how well populated the cavern is) The abandoned ruins could be good for making traps or stealth practice...
  4. BlackRoseMii

    Recommendations for commissioned character art?

    I'd say try to find artstyles you like rather than looking specifically for commissions. It's possible that they won't offer commissions or requests, but it's still better than only seeing offers from people you wouldn't want to commission. This method might take longer and you might not have...
  5. BlackRoseMii

    Why RPG Makers Are released Worldwide In English?

    I'd say it's mainly because the international language is english. You get a lot more people if you're using one language with the least effort.
  6. BlackRoseMii

    Hand Drawn Style Maps

    I can think of 3 examples right now. Those would be "Black Crystals", "Everbloom" and "Dream of sword". The last two were made for the IGMC 2018. I've also seen one game with completely traditional watercolor maps, but I don't remember the name. I'm actually trying to practice my own art so...
  7. BlackRoseMii

    Formation Bonus

    Hi, I'd like to ask for some help on a (hopefully) simple problem. The script seems to only support the 1-tile high sprites, but I'm using Mack sprites, which are 2 tiles high. They work fine during battle and in the status window. But they don't appear properly in the formation section. It's...
  8. BlackRoseMii

    Looking for advice for a JRPG-style dialogue scene artist/animator

    When making busts for my games, I usually use the same size as the resolution of the game for my canvas. Then I make a layer with a simple slightly transparent block where the dialogue window would be. After that, it's really just drawing the bust in the size you want it to have. I also upscale...
  9. BlackRoseMii

    Class advice?

    I'm not sure about MV, but Ace has different stats for different classes. If you're just starting out, you shouldn't try to make them from scratch. Experiment with them a little. Try to think about how the classes would be in a real fight. Like I said about the knight and cleric. The default...
  10. BlackRoseMii

    Class advice?

    I'm no expert on it either, but I think researching how other games handle classes would be a good idea. I think the most important thing about classes is how they differ from each other. A cleric wouldn't be able to deal as much damage as a knight. But a knight wouldn't be able to have the...
  11. BlackRoseMii

    Formation-based battle help/request

    In that case it might be better if I cut some things. I don't want to look demanding or anything, so I'll see what I can do with what I have.
  12. BlackRoseMii

    Formation-based battle help/request

    I've checked it, but it doesn't seem to work properly. I can't change the formation in the menu and you can't see the different positions in the battle at all (even with a simple sideview battle script).
  13. BlackRoseMii

    Formation-based battle help/request

    I've been wanting to create a battle system that is more challenging to the player than the simple turn-based one. And after some thinking, I chose to make a battle system that works around formations (I have no idea how it's called though). In it, you choose what positions the actors have...
  14. BlackRoseMii

    Already thinking of making a new game. I just need to find an interesting battle feature I could...

    Already thinking of making a new game. I just need to find an interesting battle feature I could work with.
  15. BlackRoseMii

    RMVXA Eternia - The gate to paradise

    You can check my signature for all my other projects.^^
  16. BlackRoseMii

    Anyone played Rune Factory 4?

    I don't think there are any mods. Though in Rune factory 4, you can marry some boss monsters that turned back into humans. With two of them having been a horse (still having the tail) and a fox (complete with tail and ears).
  17. BlackRoseMii

    Anyone played Rune Factory 4?

    It's not really a marriage simulator. It's a fantasy harvest moon game. Meaning that there are typical RPG elements (like fighting monsters, dungeon, leveling up, etc), but also farming, crafting and dating.
  18. BlackRoseMii

    Random Art Thread

    I've joined the composition challenge this year and for one prompt, I've chosen to draw a map from scratch. I wanted to practice this anyway, but I always avoided it XD Anyway, I wanted to go with a hand-drawn look, so I wonder if this style looks appealing. I also added a sprite so that people...
  19. BlackRoseMii

    RMVXA Eternia - The gate to paradise

    You don't need to wake her. Just go back to the priest and he'll give you a quest. Once that is done, she'll be awake. Also, I doubt there are any videos, since the game is old and barely anyone even plays it XD

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