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  1. Marquise*

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop

    Welcome to the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop Where your storytelling needs need in space vehicles and extra-vehicular activity in galactic environments might find just the little something you were looking for! Terms of Use & Credit I was searching what else I could do after...
  2. Marquise*

    Steam account vs unique computer?

    I remember reading multiple times the ToU . But today it struck me that I am on a precarious computer that almost died 2 years ago and that is on the life support with many piece changes that I might have troubles in the future with this; "ENTERBRAIN grants to Licensee a non-exclusive...
  3. Marquise*

    Name that generic...

    Hullo, This kinda started at random in @Guiguimu 's status then me and @starlight dream as I remembered at random some elements of her avatar reminded me of Mysterious Cities of Gold. Then I off-course posted a video of the generic of the show then since we are bilingual we exchanged about how...
  4. Marquise*

    Net Neutrality a warning for the future!

    I honestly don't know if this falls under politics. But this issue might affect us all so deeply (I asked first if it was a hoax) that I can't believe we might loose all of our communication and creative world wide freedom soon. I would like to see if before the 14th December there is a way to...
  5. Marquise*

    Pyxel Edit help required in non-linear animation preview.

    (Sorry a bit more I was to post it in non-RPGMaker related Tutorial area. But I thought this might be the place for such a question. Sorry for the job if I fumbled in the wrong place for it.) Here is my question, I start to be really familiar with Pyxel Edit now, but I am also mostly using...
  6. Marquise*

    Guess who are back? :(

    Got lotsa noise IN the stairs for a few days now by my noisy neighbors... They seemed to move but couches and beds ended up on our tree BEFORE the day to dispose of our garbage. Guess who called me? The exterminators... *facepalms* They are there by Friday morning and got the letter after...
  7. Marquise*

    Inbox conversation all same date?

    I just had a line or two with a mod where we acknowledged that we lagged a bit because if real life things to do. By curiosity I watched since I am sure it dated from last week when we did last posted each another and all posts were from... TODAY at the very same hour? O.o errr... Not sure...
  8. Marquise*

    Steam Free DLCs, I can't find them on the official site O.o

    All right,  here is my case for when I start to search on the official store; I get lost in the graphic resources that also gives me the ComiPo stuff and if I get in the MV section I just get on the program page but not the resources associated with them. So I got my version of MV as a...
  9. Marquise*

    43 Members, 3 Anonymous and... 147 Guests?!!!

    I just realized that now Member + didn't existed anymore why then Downloads and Gallery... I wondered if the gallery was private in my status but went later on more curious figuring out that at 5am I was alone up a Saturday morning. Since I tried to find a way to attach files in PMs but...
  10. Marquise*

    Translated Terms of Usage of French blogs

    Hullo, I've been typing about that since a long while now and I thought this was it! A bit in homage to @slimmmeiske2's work on her Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs and seeing that Nio Kasgami seemed to had found of our resources posted without permission on French sites and...
  11. Marquise*

    Is Learn Japanese To Survive - Hiragana Battle a MV game?

    I was wondering if that game (see title) was made using RPGMaker MV? It's visuals and menus seemed definitely RPGMaker but its resolution seemed higher. I was wondering because, I want to know if what I saw in there, are things that I have to plan for in a near future? PS; as usual, I...
  12. Marquise*

    Hullo... I'm a bit down and I just realised I needed to type.

    First time to General lounge all by myself.  I kinda realized Steam had its limits especially since 2 months by locking me off the community content, discussions, store when it comes time to answer my messages. On the other hand, I joined this community more recently from someone insisting...
  13. Marquise*

    Do some RPGMaker RP on-line here?

    (Hope this is the right place to post this) I was thinking, since my bed bug episode in life, that only internet was my substitute for social gaming now and reminisced how much I missed old PnP table top RPing. Then it struck me that there should be treads about it or teams organized around...
  14. Marquise*


    All right I am not Freebird, I haven<t again found the RIGHT tread where to post this... But I am a proud owner of To the Moon on Steam and recently with their updates (wish it would be as fun with the workshop for RPGMaker VX Ace), I could see there was two To The Moon episodes and since I...
  15. Marquise*

    Hullo? Anyone care for some basic set extension?

    This was my initial post with a Hullo? only title (I kinda learned since Thanks to the community and Andar -Thank-you!-); Is there a particular protocol (set of rules) used to post or brag or store some sprite sets? I saw that if I started a post I could join something like THIS probably...
  16. Marquise*

    Free Community DLC slight question...

    Hi, I've been wondering if I could emit some suggestion about our Free Community DLC? I'm kinda wondering if about the very same time of the year the first was made we could had/make/do an update? With some add-ons to the existing one? I know I have a personal take on it since I am...
  17. Marquise*

    Hi, Need help animating gifs in Photoshop!

    So all right, here's the topo. I am now animating a walking version of the Demon from the $BigMonster_2 spritesheet.  A couples days ago I tried in my CS4 Extended to do what I usually do to make an animated .gif in order to show/have the right idea of it walking! 3 Frames, how hard could it be...
  18. Marquise*

    Luna Engine- Traduction Française!

    I just asked Archeia about posting this and this is mostly destined to French users of the Luna Engine.  I do hope I am in the correct subforum for it. Allo tout le monde, je viens de traduire en Français le Moteur Luna,  mieux connu sous le nom de Luna Engine. Je viens du Canada...
  19. Marquise*

    I just noticed from the Steam Workshop that it'll start being menetizing soon...

    I was surprised and ran almost over all walls until I read their Q&A realizing that most of the peoples I like to collaborate with are...  Non US residents and that I am not yet ready to spurt anything than my artist name outside and everywhere. So for those curious who are also on Steam and...
  20. Marquise*

    Game Character Hub Tutorials required!

    All right!  I got a gift from someone of the Game Character Hub and to work a sprite from scratch from there I have no problems. The problems arise while doing the followings; importing a full sheet of sprites with a set of 8 characters or moving items, because I can't quite know how to...

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