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  1. dahlys

    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix

    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix by Dahlys Make Player, Vehicles, and Events BIG Introduction By default, only the base tile for characters is solid regardless of sprite size. To make it bigger, you need to make multiple events. With this plugin, you can make characters occupy more...
  2. dahlys

    Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix alpha

    I am using big sprites and wish to fix the movement, collision, and trigger problem. I tried Estriole's plugin but there seemed to be problems when 2 large events collided. This is the current version. Current Features: Set vehicle size in plugin parameters. Run comment commands to make...
  3. dahlys

    Battle Mechanics Help: Battle Action Experience

    I'm thinking of implementing a different way of increasing player stats than just leveling up/completing quests. Basically, stats will be increased by the actions an actor takes in battle. Use a lot of physical attacks and atk increases. Use a lot of magic attacks/healing and mat increases...
  4. dahlys

    Traffic Light Management 1.0

    Traffic Light Management by Dahlys Download Here Introduction and Features Makes traffic lights stop cars the lazy way. Traffic lights are incapable of stopping anyone else (player/non-vehicle events). No need for plugin commands/script calls. Vehicles will be blocked automatically when a...
  5. dahlys

    Select Item Plus

    Select Item Plus by Dahlys Introduction and Features Used the Select Item command and don't know what else to do but check it's id? Check if: It's name includes Herb, i.e. Power Herb It's a regular, key, hidden A or hidden B item (in case you forgot) It's consumable If it has an element If...
  6. dahlys

    Universal Remote Control: Search, Retrieve, Control *Assassin's Creed Guard AI Demo Added* 09/25

    Universal Remote Control by Dahlys Search Engine, Mass Data Retrieval, Mass Self Switch/Variable Setting a.k.a Remote Event Counting and Control by Name v2.0, but literally already a completely different beast Introduction and Features Live Search Engine: Search In-game for Groups of...
  7. dahlys

    Remote Event Counting and Control by Name *dead, see Universal Remote Control*

    Remote Event Counting and Control by Dahlys Download Link *Update 09/24: This plugin is dead. Please see my Universal Remote Control instead Introduction: Count number of events with Event Name = "insert_name" and store their event IDs into an array. Remotely activate self-switches based on...
  8. dahlys

    Script to determine if a weapon type is equipped [solved]

    Hi, I'm new to rpgmaker mv. I used rmxp a long long time ago. I trying to use a script to call the weapon type id of an equipped weapon, like I tried...

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