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  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Database Organizer

    Author: Eliaquim Introduction • Sometimes is hard to keep an organized database. Because we can make a list of all kinds of swords and after that a list of shields. But during the development, maybe we can add a new kind of sword. So we have to add it to the bottom of the list, or push all...
  2. Eliaquim

    Eli's Book

    Author: Eliaquim Introduction This plugin optimizes all of my other plugins, making them less code and easier to maintain and implement improvements. It is not a core plugin, it does not overwrite any function of the standard codes of the RPG maker mv. Features Provide methods and code...
  3. Eliaquim

    License for youtube videos

    Hi people! I saw this on the fixed topic: I'm making my youtube channel and I was wondering if I could use some of Rpg Maker Mv music to put on the intro for my videos. Of course, the channel is about Rpg Maker Mv itself(Tutorials, plugins, games etc). The music (bgm) that I talk about are...
  4. Eliaquim

    Pixel art - Gimp

    Hi friends! I'm trying to set up the gimp to do some pixel art. But I have this strange issue. My pencil with size = 1 does not match 1 pixel in the art. And my pencil with size = 2 is 4 times more than the pixel of my art. I'm a total newbie with these things. So, what I'm missing?
  5. Eliaquim

    Custom game object problem

    Hi people! I'm making one of my free plugins and I have a problem with a custom game object that I'm making to be stored in the save file. But, I'm using the ES6 syntax to write the class. When I start a game, everything works fine. When I save the game too. But after I load a game, it only...
  6. Eliaquim

    PIXI.Graphics or Mv Sprite

    Hi people! Well, I'm playing with Pixi in the mv console. I had drawn a couple of circles to use as a button. But, I notice that the Rm Mv already have a Sprite_button class and also the Sprite itself. So I can create: let myCircle = new PIXI.Graphics(); OR let myCircle = new Sprite(); What...
  7. Eliaquim

    Eli_RevealDarkCovers(Mrts extension)

    Author: Eliaquim *Not supported anymore* Requirements You need to use the Dark Room Covers plugin from MR. Trivel above this plugin. Download it here. Introduction Inspired by the Fatal Labirinty game I tried in so many ways to make a system where the player walks and reveals the map as it...
  8. Eliaquim

    Plugin help files/descriptions

    Hi people! Well, some of you may have noticed that I'm releasing my plugins. And there is a lot that is ready, but waiting for the release! So, the worst part for me to make a plugin is the help file ^^'' And one of the problems for this to be the worst part for me is making this inside a JS...
  9. Eliaquim


    Author: Masked(or Brandt) *No longer supported* Introduction This plugin is an updated version of the old Mbs_MobileDirPad made by Masked (or Brandt). It contains the new plugin parameters and also, unlike the old one, this one contains all the standard buttons of the Rpg maker mv. Features...
  10. Eliaquim


    Author: Iavra *No longer supported* Introduction This plugin is the merger of two plugins from the Iavra author: Iavra_Localization_Core and Iavra_Localization_Menu. I didn't change anything in the codes, I just changed the way it is written. Three bugs were fixed, two by me and one by the...
  11. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim Introduction You may want to increase a variable or turn on a switch automatically depending on what equipment the actors are using. Or, to do several things like changing the appearance of the character, increase speed and more. This plugin allows you to do this check as it...
  12. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim Introduction This plugin allows you to change the basic settings of the default font about the game. Features • Change the color of the font outline. • Change the thickness of the font outline. • Change the default font color. • Use the italic style or not. • Change the font...
  13. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim Introduction By default, the Rpg Maker Mv timer is boring in terms of functionality and visual. You cannot change its position, color, font, size, add or reduce timer. This plugin aims to expand those features! Adding new mechanics and visual effects (six new...
  14. Eliaquim

    Rm Mv - Update functions in my plugin

    Hi people! Well, I have lost account of how many times I rewrote my plugin... But I hope that is the last one! It is a plugin that adds new sprites to the timer. And I'm unsure about the performance of the update functions of them. I have made two versions: 1 - Used only the Sprite_Timer and...
  15. Eliaquim

    GameSystem objects not saving in save file

    Hi people! I have some problems with my plugin. I have a global object, that is a parameter from the plugin: Eli.HelpWindows.Param.menuHelp.text > This return to me various objects with string values. I have an option that can change this string values via script calls or plugin commands. I...
  16. Eliaquim

    Plugin parameters: Struct "problem" again

    [EDIT] I got it! It was a typo ^^''' Instead of this: extinguisher: JSON.parse(Eli.Structure.Param.myStructure["BackgroundOnOff"]) It has to be: extinguisher: JSON.parse(Eli.Structure.Parameters.myStructure["BackgroundOnOff"]) But in this example, it's not working, don't know why. What...
  17. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim I made this plugin for a Brazilian friend a long time ago. But I made some adjustments to share it with you :) Introduction Adds autosave and autoload functionality with some extra things. Features Add autosave and autoload. Play a common event when loading in the autosave...
  18. Eliaquim

    Times a function is called.

    Hi people! I'm testing a function that only execute when the player moves, and I want to check how many times it is called. So I put two console logs in different places. One in SceneMap Update: if($gameplayer.isMoving(){ console.log("times")} Other in Game_Player increase Steps...
  19. Eliaquim

    config.rpgsave - how to store data

    Hi people! I'm trying to understand how can I store custom data inside this file. The reason is that I want a global object to be saved for different save files. Well, somehow, I managed to do that! I change the global object in-game and call, then my global object is saved...
  20. Eliaquim

    Add some data into the $dataMap(MapXXX.json)

    Hi people! I was searching in Rm Mv codes for this... but I can't understand how it is done. I made a function that stores all coordinates of the map per region Id. Region Id 1 - All coordinates that have region 1 on it. Region Id 2... and so on. But What I want to do is this to be stored in...

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