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  1. MagicPizzaGuy

    What is wrong with this bit of code?

    I used this script, but it doesn't seem to work when playing. Anyone has any idea why? $gameVariables.setValue(28, Math.round(Math.random()*3)); switch ($gameVariables.value(28)){ case 0: $gameVariables.setValue(25, ($gameVariables.value(23) + Math.round(Math.random()*6 + 4))...
  2. MagicPizzaGuy

    Problem with a var and maybe yanfly plugin class base parameter

    I'm a beginner at coding so I might be doing something wrong at many parts hahaha. But I used yanfly class plugin and there is the option to code inside a class to make the gain more unique. I wanted to make random gains of hp per level...
  3. MagicPizzaGuy

    Help with a code using Yanfly state core

    I've made this to run when a state is applied on the actor. Everything work as intended except one thing, I don't know how to force the game forget the first input, the action. So it becomes awkward since he does the random action and then the right one. I can't find anywhere the code to...
  4. MagicPizzaGuy

    RMMV Advice/Feedback on this idea I've been working on

    If possible I would like any opinion or criticism about this idea I had, it doesn't matter if it's just the way you feel about it. This game is going to be made just because I had an D&D adventure which me and my friends liked a lot and I thought it could become a good mechanic for a game, if...
  5. MagicPizzaGuy

    Multi frame script for VX Ace

    I know Victor does have a Multiframe script and it should be easy to know how to use it, but I can't. I can't understand what I am supposed to do... I'm really bad at this and I tried my best to understand, if had any tutorial it would be easier, but there is none (I would be really thankful if...
  6. MagicPizzaGuy

    hai! :3

    I'm new to rpg maker and this community, I hope I can learn a lot more about making a game here. Trying my best to learn how to draw (to make my own sprite animations) and mapping in rpg maker.

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