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  1. Amagner

    Finishing My PS3 Collection before they are gone

    Hey! so I just realized my PS3 Collection is hella small. I was wondering what games would you all recommend for me to get since i want to complete this before the games are impossible to find and are gone forever. Anything can be mentioned and I will check em out thanks :D  
  2. Amagner

    What are the Best games you all have played?

    Those are a lot of awesome ones Another one I enjoyed was  Oblivion on Xbox 360 but that stole my soul for 2 years straight like what was social life?
  3. Amagner

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    I would definitely have to go with Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh but the classic Yugioh. Magic has been around for soooo long and to me it is one of the most cheap and well balanced games and no I am not talking about EDH (Legendary which means use any card from whatever series) I prefer standard cause...
  4. Amagner

    What are the Best games you all have played?

    Hello!  So I have a library of games from multiple generations of consoles, Atari to PS4 I have played and collected tons of games over the years and I am curious to what people have in their list as the best games of all time. Could be current or could be past games. Can go by consoles or...
  5. Amagner

    The worst games you have ever played

    Goat Simulator: Honestly still amazes me that a game like this can make tons of money sure you are a goat but you just run around and either kill things or get killed then magically come back? idk i tried it for an hour maybe not for me but i thought this was just plain pointless. All the...
  6. Amagner

    Lots of Things needed! Generator parts!/Tilesets/Etc

    yeah i can't delete this if someone can please delete this! thank you sorry! haha
  7. Amagner

    Lots of Things needed! Generator parts!/Tilesets/Etc

    Ah I am sorry understood I apologize in regards to this post I will then just ask in project recruitment when I reach the accounted number and show my meaningfulness in the forum Thank you I will delete this or it can be deleted by someone admin or moderator I will follow the guideline thanks...
  8. Amagner

    Lots of Things needed! Generator parts!/Tilesets/Etc

    Hello,  I am making a game based during a post-apocalyptic era. Mostly everything is desert and old cities blown to bits by the nukes that hit all around the world. Its also similar to fist of the north star and will be based off this game. I cannot really make great characters just based off...
  9. Amagner


    Hey!  Actually I do and I wish to post for project recruitment and everything also for resources but it isn't allowing me. Also Since im fresh I will be paying others for assistance and resources. Hell I am even willing to pay for someone to show me everything i can do in rpg maker. I do...
  10. Amagner


    Hello, Everyone I just started to use RPG Maker MV and am excited to get my games on the way. Going to be a long enjoyable journey for me since everything is so new and im excited to get to know many of you and assistance if ever in the future :D.
  11. Amagner

    RPG Maker MV Character Generator Tutorial

    Thank You! I was having trouble on how to make new hair and etc and didnt know the dimensions properly i am keeping this for future notes! This is super useful!

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