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    Hi! I was making a cave scene and needed to make some things to spice it up a bit, and thus these lil edits were born. I'm making this thread to share them freely. This thread will most likely grow as I make more maps and more RTP edits for my needs. Enjoy! Rules:  Don't claim as your own...
  2. meiows


    Just wanted to say hi!~ I'm meiows and I'm an artist. I LOVE making maps in RPG Maker and have just started making speed mapping videos and am putting them on Youtube. I love the community and finally wanna join in the conversations! :D

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Anyone here managed to never burn out on programming? My current limit is 3 months(6-8 hours per day, 7 days per week, 50 hour programming week on average), and then I just have to take a break, sometimes lasting few days(with at most 2 hours on programming per day). I've been always like this so far, so I admire those who can always be so passionate on programming :)
This is starting to become a momochi collection y'all!
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Automatic level scaling without an option to turn it off can be a very bad choice for a game. The worst I've ever seen was in Nightmare of Druaga, where if a power outage made your system turn off, the game detects it as an attempted cheat and overwrites your save while taking away your best gear, leaving you unable to progress at the late stages of the game, and unable to recover.

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