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  1. dragon1up

    Commission work

    Just curious about how much it would cost for me to commission someone to design a card game for mv that works? Even if it's a team of 2 or more people. Obviously there is the Card Game by Irina that already exists but wanted something that works, I am not fused on time it takes to develop...
  2. dragon1up

    RMMV The Contractor

    Game demo Trailer Game demo update 0.1 Welcome: Welcome to my first commercial game in development, despite being on steam and Gamejolt for a number of years I have yet to post something on the actual forms. So you may be wondering why not post here as the game goes on, well I'll answer that...
  3. dragon1up

    MV swimming and setting up a race

    Just looking for some help for some eventing, down below is a link of what I'm attempting to do. Bascially wanting to have 3 NPCs and one npc the player can control, trying to have them race one another and controlling the speed of all the racers via a variable. But run into the issue of the...
  4. dragon1up

    TMPlugin Card game ver0.1.7b Set-up

    Just wondering if anyone uses TMcard, it's a jap card game pluign that works in english and have set it up as so but it won't shows up but doesn't fucsntion for some reason(using MV 1.6.2), plugin is supported up to 1.6.1. Deck edit shows up and everything but it won't allow adding cards or...
  5. dragon1up

    Podium for swimming events

    Resource Type: Tiletset pref or character objects Maker: MV Art Style: FSM style/RTP (if possible also modern urban/Degica dream pack aka futuristic looking) Des: Want to use it on tilesets for swimming based events, with the default 3 places for the event. Character size: MV default usable...
  6. dragon1up

    Paid plugins that lag

    This is in relation to a very similar thread of a card game battle plugin lagging and not working as advertised. So you may be wondering why another thread, well quite simply I'm looking for support in terms of how best to optimize Java scripting and how to optimize said plugins. But Dragon1up...
  7. dragon1up


    To anyone out there that has bought the above collection, need some help getting it working correctly. Have the other 2 collections and they show off fine in-game, but not this one. It doesn't fully match the resolution of my game and have tried editing it in gimp but to no avil. Using Yanlly...
  8. dragon1up

    Swimming/diving (working with/out followers)

    Must work with RPG Maker 1.6.2 To potential plugin makers, on the jp forum pages, there is a plugin that seems really detailed for making a swimming/diving mechanic. I was wondering if it was possible for someone to make one for RPG maker Eng version. Have supplied the link to the demo that...
  9. dragon1up

    Tales of , the story of a new journey

    Hello fellow RPG + fans of the wonderful  soft we all have access to. Do note this is my first ever time posting something on the forums. What I'll be ideally talking about with you guys is my own game, posting relevant content in regards to it. As well as links to the fb page, and the youtube...

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