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  1. RMMV Isekai Demonica (No Travel Game Jam)

    Nice game Pls, add some Autosave/checkpoint system -.- Just lost my progress a couple of times, when many enemies surrounds me I can't attack for some reason
  2. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    What can I say? You are the man This thread can be closed! (I always wanted to say that)
  3. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    @ramza, I thought of something. Since I have no idea how to work with arrays, I will try to describe what I imagined could be a programming logic to solve the problem using its mutually exclusive logic. The idea is that each skill that represents each summon, when applied, adds a value at one...
  4. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    About balance: My intention is to simulate more than 4 or 5 actors in the battle. Sometimes, much more. I explained this in the top spoiler, but not in the main topic because I didn't think it was necessary to increase the text. In fact, it is not the actor who is really doing anything. The...
  5. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    Brilliant! I couldn't expect less from a Beoulve :D (FFT is my fav game ever, all plataforms, all times, all genres) So, it's worked. I need to trigger differents Skills depending which State or States the actor has. Im your code, if user haven't a State to use the first skill (25), counter not...
  6. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    Yes, I tried with multiples states and differents counters, but it's the same: only one state take effect... Any idea how to trigger multiple skills? I already tried <Instant> notetag to prevent skip my turn
  7. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    I see, thank you for answering. So, to prevent the loop, I inserted a counter to check if the second skill is already used, like this: <Custom Turn Start Effect> user._counter= 0; //Set the counter to 0 again </Custom Turn Start Effect> <Custom Confirm Effect> if (user._counter== 0){...
  8. Can make passive skill when another actor in battle (YEP)

    Hey dude. Sorry, please let me know if I understand: 1. You want to create a State (let's say, State A), and if an actor has that State, if another specific actor enters the battle, that specific actor will receive an Attack bonus. and 2. You want to make a Skill that affects an ally and add...
  9. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    I'm preety sure its the same order of the Yanfly wikia:
  10. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    Greetings Just tried to use user.forceAction(skill id, target index) inside the following notetags: <Custom Action Start Effect> user.forceAction(9,-2); </Custom Action Start Effect> or <Custom Action End Effect> user.forceAction(9,-2); </Custom Action End Effect> like The skill 9 is...
  11. Permorme Action in the End of Turn (Yanfly Plugins)

    Thanks for answer Since it's a actor's State, should not I use user.forceAction(skillId, -2) instead? EDIT Tested the following State notetags Works, but actors uses Skill 9 in infinity loop. Tested with -1 or -2 in Target Index EDIT 2
  12. Permorme Action in the End of Turn (Yanfly Plugins)

    Greetings I'm trying make a State 'Fiery Aura'. With these State, every time a turn ends, the actor forcelly uses 'Firebolt' skill. So, if you choose 'Protect', you will Protect and after this will uses Firebolt If you use 'Attack', you will attack then uses Firebolt If you use 'Firebolt', then...
  13. Add and Check Notetags!

    Greetings! I'm needing help to create a plugin that would make my life a lot easier! He looks very simple. I'd like to put in the following Notetag in Actors and Enemies: <Team: Ninjas> <Team: Witches> <Team: Fighters> Then, when the battle starts, the plugin checks if, on any side of the...
  14. Enemy Reinforcements

    Hi, Hime! Great job, as always! Maybe you (or everyone) can help me? I use the Sideview Enemies from Yanfly, and when the enemies I put in with this script die their bodies stay there (as it should be). So far so good, but when I put the same enemy repeated again then their bodies disappear...

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