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    Sprite Zoom Version 1.0.0 by Aramis-IX   Introduction Zoom events, the player and follower sprites! An adaption of Tsukihime's “Character Sprite Zooming” script for Ace. Features Zoom or shrink a sprite's width and height independently (or uniformly). Zoom animation(s) over time (or...

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Government : "Hehehe~ I will spread lies that the earth is round so that I could sell globes~"
Anyone here managed to never burn out on programming? My current limit is 3 months(6-8 hours per day, 7 days per week, 50 hour programming week on average), and then I just have to take a break, sometimes lasting few days(with at most 2 hours on programming per day). I've been always like this so far, so I admire those who can always be so passionate on programming :)
This is starting to become a momochi collection y'all!
Meet Swefo The candy Eater!

Hide your candy... I or I sweefe sweefefooo~~~

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