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  1. Lordlee91

    Chosen II: Edge's Liberation

      Chosen II: Edge's Liberation Chosen II was created with RPG VX Ace Takes 1 - 1:30 hours to complete Chosen II has it's own story but to fully understand the whole story you may have to play the original 'Chosen'.  Includes Final Fantasy like side battles            ...
  2. Lordlee91

    Please, help with switch puzzles!

    Okay guys I'm very confused and stuck with a certain type of puzzle. I'm trying to make a switch puzzle, the one where you have to flick certain switches in order for a door to open and then you can progress in the game. I don't understand variables very well at all so if someone could just...
  3. Lordlee91

    Story idea for my sequel game, Chosen 2

    Hey everyone, I hope I'm posting in the correct place. I've thought of a story idea for a sequel I want to make for my game. The game I've already made is called Chosen (it's in the completed games section, I'm still waiting for people to comment about the game but either way  the story line...
  4. Lordlee91


                                                                             Chosen was made with RpgMaker VX Ace This game is around 2 hours long Chosen is more story driven but has an equal amount of battles and leveling up as well as story Game includes final fantasy like side battles This is my...

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