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  1. 2DGameStudios

    Pull Data From the game

    Quick question if I modify the index.html to have php code, could I pull data from MV and pass it. For ex - If I had a PHP var called $actor_Name = Some MV Data Variable.  then I did a echo $actor_Name could it display the data from mv? So what I am asking is it possible to get MV data...
  2. 2DGameStudios

    Looking for a starting point for a leader board.

    As the title says, I am looking for some help on getting a leader board working with MV. As of right now I have a web site with Mysql and php to create the session for the user and all. I though I would be able to see the local storage of the game via chrome and going to appacation and checking...
  3. 2DGameStudios

    Just wondering if there is a way to. Push data to the game before game loads

    Hello Rpg maker community, I was wondering the following -   Is there a way to pass information to the game, right now I have a html page before loading the game it self. I have html page open when you click on the game.exe. Is there a way to say I want to pass a certain amount of exp to the...
  4. 2DGameStudios

    Battle Sprite shown on map?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if any has seen a plug in or knows of  away to show the battle sprite on the map? Does not need to be used in a battle system might be used as a animated sprite just sitting on the map.  I was thinking that if no one has, could you make a new animation sheet...
  5. 2DGameStudios

    Carry Game Data Over

    Hello all,    So I have a question, I have a system working were on PC you can carry one game data over to a new game to include npc and other things down on the game. I was wondering if it is possible to do on android, only cause I Know that the android file system is way different then a pc...
  6. 2DGameStudios

    In need of help with Touch UI script.

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if any has seen the translation for the Touch UI Script thats was included when we got the the Gocha and slot main scripts updated. I think Ver 1.2. My problem is this I added in the Touch UI JS and this is what shows when I got to use it in the editor I...
  7. 2DGameStudios

    Good screen size for a portrait

    Quick question I normal do games in 1160x624 for landscape and the look nice on mobile. I was wondering what you think is a good screen res for portrait mode, I could reverse and do 624x1160 or 720x1280. I was just wondering what you feel is the best screen res mode.
  8. 2DGameStudios

    Last DLC?

    Hello all,   I was just wondering if there has been any news on the last dlc coming out. I know the 3rd one was a little delayed just wondering if there is any information on the release time for the 4th DLC
  9. 2DGameStudios

    Remove Player Hp Via Script call(Resolved)

    Guys  fixed the code up to were I needed it to, and it is working now, this topic can be locked. If I wanted to remove some hp from a actor I would use the script call $ The actor Id would be the number under the actor tab correct so 0001 would be the...
  10. 2DGameStudios

    Off set issue with event

    So I finally got my Health Bars working how I need them to. But the issue is this. When the enemy is clicked the health bar is drawn away from the enemy instead of under it. I think it is cause I have the event set up like event location x = this event screen x event location y = this...
  11. 2DGameStudios

    HP bars - Visual Monster On Map

    I was wondering if any could make a me a visual hp bar for my monster on there map. So I am working on a project to were if you click a monster on a map it deals damage to the monster via affecting the monster_Hp var I created. The script or plug in would need to be able to access the built...
  12. 2DGameStudios

    Enemy Health Bars On Map -

    So I was wondering what is the best way to display a enemy health bar on the map. So right now I have a enemy sprite on the map with the var enemy_HP which is set to 30. What I think i would need to do is make a script which draws a health bar above the enemies head and then goes down depending...
  13. 2DGameStudios

    In need of some help.

    I was just wondering if there is a way to press on a spot on the map, and call a event with out the player moving to it. So for EX a player clicks a town and a event fires off that says do you want to attack. I was thinking it has to do with a script call which could use x Number...
  14. 2DGameStudios

    Diaplay Icon Items on Map

    So I was wondering if there is a plug in that allows you to display the item sheet icons on the map, as of right now I have made a new tileset and resized the icons I need to put as a event on the map but I have a ton of icons and this would take a long time if I have to resize it and then paste...
  15. 2DGameStudios

    Mobile UI Question

    Hello all,    So I was wondering if there is a way to add a back button to the menu in the mobile ver of games made with MV. I am using Yanfly common button system. I have disabled the menu using a event so that when the player is touch two different buttons on the screen it does not call the...
  16. 2DGameStudios

    Can the art work from.

    I did not know were to post this, But i was wondering the following question. Can the art work from the pre order of MV be used on Mugs and Mouse pads? Or is it against the TOS?
  17. 2DGameStudios

    Do you think these system could be done in MV?

    I was just wondering if the Artifact system from Legend Of Mana could be done in MV. Refer to the video below if youhave any question on the system could work. Legend Of Mana Artfact Map
  18. 2DGameStudios

    Time Fantasy DLC

    Hello all.   I was wondering I got the time Fantasy DLC from the store, can I Use MVFU to convert the resources over in to MV? Or Use Character Generator hub to convert to Vxace and then to MV?
  19. 2DGameStudios

    MV DLC 3?

    Hello all as the first two dlc were just amazing I cant wait to see what the third one has in store, do we have a release date of the dlc?
  20. 2DGameStudios

    Percentage possbile with out scripting?

    Hello all,    I have two var that I need to compare, which is pretty simple, but the issue i am having is the result from the 2 var I need to check if it is certain percent or not. Can MV do this with out custom scripting? I was thinking that using MOD in the self variables but I do not...

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