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  1. kurt91

    RM2003 Games Don't Open (Player, not Editor)

    First of all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, but this has been driving me nuts for the last few days. I wanted to play a handful of old RPG Maker games, so I went online and downloaded a few. One of the ones that I got was a game called "Balmung Cycle", which I've heard is...
  2. kurt91

    Enemy Attack - Scramble Player Move-List

    Are any of you guys familiar with an RPG Maker game called "Learn Japanese to Survive - Hiragana Battle"? Like the name suggests, it's a way to help learn Japanese using a game engine to make it a bit easier to stay motivated. I'm taking Japanese classes in college, and it's actually been a big...
  3. kurt91

    How Often Do You Switch Gear?

    I'm wanting to go a bit more in-depth with the strategy in my game. Weapons would be split into multiple attributes, For instance, Slashing and Piercing weapons like swords and spears will do minimal damage to a Skeleton, but blunt-force damage like a club will do more. Flying enemies would be...
  4. kurt91

    "Hurry, Follow Me!" Following Events

    I want a very simple and short cutscene. You're sent on a fetch quest to get a prop sword for a theater actor, who promises to meet you there. When you grab the sword and get there, a different character is there. She explains that the actor who sent you had an accident on-stage and is injured...
  5. kurt91

    Yanfly's Battle Core - Damage Formula Syntax

    I made a damage formula that works just fine in the spreadsheet program I used to test it. It was very complex, though, so I downloaded and installed Yanfly's Damage Core to help make it a bit more manageable, since my project already uses all of the prerequisite plugins. I followed the...
  6. kurt91

    Custom Damage Formulas

    I've been playing around with an idea for an RPG that I've had for a very long time. The thing is, I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around a decent damage formula. I've got a spreadsheet open, so that I can play with the numbers and see how things play out quickly. While I think I...
  7. kurt91

    Remove/Reposition Actor Shadows in Sideview

    I'm trying to learn how to use MV to have different battle abilities for each character. For example, one character is being put together using the "Kirby Copy Ability" tutorial, one character might rely on equipment for their abilities, things like that. For simplicity's sake, I'm ripping...

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