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  1. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Title Command Manager

    Mobius's Title Command Manager 1.0 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release Introduction This script allows you to add custom commands to the title, remove existing commands, and order them however you like! Features - Easily add new commands to the title - Remove un-needed...
  2. MobiusXVI

    Collaboration and Source Control

    I've been thinking a lot lately about source control for the RM series. I even made a tutorial on how to do collaboration and source control for RMXP, RMVX, and RMVXAce. It showed how to convert data files to YAML, then used Github for source control, which makes collaboration super simple. I...
  3. MobiusXVI

    How to easily work with others on RM Projects

    How to easily work with others on RM Projects by MobiusXVI Introduction I see people all the time using Dropbox to share their project with others when working as a team, and I thought there had to be a better way. Well there is! Using a few simple tools, you can streamline your team's...
  4. MobiusXVI

    Menu Command Manager

    Mobius's Menu Command Manager 1.5 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release v. 1.5 Support for Common Events v. 1.6 Fixed bugged paralysis states not working Introduction This script allows you to add custom commands to the menu, remove existing commands, and...
  5. MobiusXVI

    State Slip Skills

    Mobius's State Slip Skills 1.6 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 - 9 Sep 14 - Initial Release v. 1.5 - 4 Oct 14 - Improved DBS Integration v. 1.6 - 2 Feb 20 - Improved compatibility with other scripts Introduction The purpose of the script is to allow you to set skills to...
  6. MobiusXVI

    Charge Turn Battle (CTB) System (Final Fantasy X / Tactics style)

    Mobius's Charge Turn Battle System 1.2 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release v. 1.1 Customizable Turn Icons v. 1.2 Beastiary Expansion Introduction This script overhauls the default battle system and replaces it with a "CTB" system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics...
  7. MobiusXVI

    Battle Sprites not Showing

    So I was working on a script to customize some aspect of the DBS and I went to playtest it via the battletest button in the database. It loaded up fine, but neither the actor nor enemy sprites were displayed and the command windows weren't showing up either. I assumed I must have made a mistake...
  8. MobiusXVI

    Dynamically set Switch/Variable names

    Hey all, so one of the things I've seen done a lot when scripting is to offer different customization options linked to a particular switch/variable, for example a custom menu script where you can cycle through different backgrounds by changing variable x where "x" is chosen by the script's...
  9. MobiusXVI

    Disaster on Aero VI

        CONCEPT You're the captain of a spaceship that's just experienced a serious malfunction. You're now in a race against time to repair your ship before everyone dies!   DOWNLOAD Download the full game (v1.1): here Note: Please open "READ ME BEFORE PLAYING.txt" before playing game!   GAMEPLAY...
  10. MobiusXVI

    Adding Custom Fonts to Executable

    Hi, I'm creating a small game for the Indie Game Maker contest, but I'm having kind of a strange problem. I'm using a font that's installed on my computer but not my laptop, so when I try to playtest my game on my laptop there's no font shown at all. Now, I know I could just install the font on...
  11. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's "The Story So Far" Script

    The Story So Far 1.0 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release Introduction The purpose of this script is to allow you to remind the player about what has happened in the story whenever they load their game. I hope you enjoy it! Features - Very little scripting...
  12. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Quest Journal

    Mobius's Quest Journal 2.3 by MobiusXVI Release Notes Oct 2013 - v. 1.0 Initial Release Oct 2013 - v. 1.1 Added Quest Maker functionality Mar 2014 - v. 1.15 Improved Quest Maker to be more user friendly Jun 2014 - v. 1.2 Minor script compatibility improvement Jul 2014 - v. 2.0...
  13. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Better Equip Page

    Better Equip Page v 1.00 Mobius Introduction The default equip page in the menu only shows how an item will affect you attack and defense even though it is capable of providing other stat boosts. So what I wanted to do was change it to showcase more stats as well as highlight how the stats...

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