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  1. Dragoflame503

    Add new iconset but keep old one?

    im using a custom icon set from devainart i know how to add it but some of the items in the game im making has the  original icon set icons is there a way to keep both?
  2. Dragoflame503

    scripts or how to?

    ok so i need a script for my sprite to be sleeping i can send you my sprite if you need my sprite and i also need a script/ animation for when he gets up (sits on bed then stands up) also can someone give me a script so that at the beginning of the game you can type in your own name by default...
  3. Dragoflame503

    Remove Settings?

    Ok so im making a horror game (you may already know that) and i want to remove some settings like equipment, skills, stats, and formation i also want to know how to remove the stats next to the character's face but i want to leave the face and name there. please help (If this post is in the...
  4. Dragoflame503

    Messages on wall's and light effect?

    Ok so im making a horror game using rpg maker vx ace but im wondering how do people do light effect on windows like they make sunlight shine through the window and another thing how do people put bloody messages on the walls and other horror stuff you can't normally do with rpg maker.

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