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  1. KRS

    Looking for Hoop Earrings (MV)

    Resource Type: (Generator parts, especially face part/Accessory) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (One that matches with the Vanilla style) Description: (large hooped earrings, something like in the reference image below) Reference Images...
  2. KRS

    Wooden Sword (Generator), Sword Rack (Tile) for MV

    I'm not sure if someone has already made any of these items but I haven't been able to find anything, I was hoping to have some wooden swords and perhaps a sword rack + wooden sword rack for trainee soldiers, both child and adult. Also sheathed on the back as a cloak generator piece. If anyone...
  3. KRS

    Bag of Coins Weapon (for MV)

    I have an elf character who is very acquisitive and focused on money and thought that a bag of coins would be a perfect weapon for her But I've been unable to find anything like this in the MV threads so I thought I would come here and see if anyone knew of any resources like this or were able...
  4. KRS

    Nun Habit/Veil Generator Parts (MV)

    I've been looking for MV generator parts for a Nun for quite a long time and have had trouble finding any, specifically a veil and I was hoping that someone could help my out by either pointing me towards and existing resource or possibly taking time to create one. (I know that's a big ask)...
  5. KRS

    Room Name/Number Plate for MV

    Resource type: Tile Maker Format: MV I'm currently building a fantasy style inn in MV and was planning to name/number different rooms so it's easier to find my way around and was looking for a wooden room name/number plate Tile or even better a door with one already attached to it that people...

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