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  1. Past Midnight Gaming

    Can someone help me with changing Yanfly's Combo Stacks?

    Alright so like a year ago in a Tips and Tricks video (shown below), Yanfly produced a bit of Notetag magic that takes physical attacks and adds each hit to a state with granted a buff that grows with the amount of stacks on the buff. The Stacks can then be used as a skill cost where the skills...
  2. Past Midnight Gaming

    using eval to sync actor levels

    Ok so i'm trying to figure out how to sync the levels of 2 actors during a summon skill.  I'm using this skill by Ramza. But I didn't think to include syncing the actor levels in my request. So I try to figure it out on my own which got me this: eval: $gameVariables.setValue(20 ...
  3. Past Midnight Gaming

    (Finished) RM B-Day Bash Game: M3 Adventures: Random Quest!

    Background info! The M3 Adventures is a game series i'm working on involving me (Peter) and my two sisters and our random ridiculous adventures. "Random quest" is an adventure where Peter's new game "Dragon's Den" has a bug that become sentient trapping the M3 in inside and the only was out...
  4. Past Midnight Gaming

    Skills using common events

    I am currently working on a class called Card fighter. (any skill suggestions are welcome) But right now my problem is the skill i created called Draw. Draw is supposed to cast one random spell for example fire on one random target.  The way I had set it up is below with the skill running this...
  5. Past Midnight Gaming

    I want to make a Colored class system

    I want to make a class system. Its based on Colors(Elements) each color has its own skills. But i also want the normal classes (Warrior, mage, rouge, Etc) with the colors modifying stats for example a Red Warrior has higher ATK than a Yellow warrior who has higher AGI. Any suggestions on how to...
  6. Past Midnight Gaming

    New Challenger Approaching!

    Well its about time for me to say Hello! So here it is. Hiya! My name is Peter aka Knightmane! I grew up playing Rpgs and Fighters and now i want to give back! I am a complete noob in art, coding, composing and writing but I make up for it in creativity and curiosity.Prepare for a lot of...
  7. Past Midnight Gaming

    faceset request for VXAce

    I am using an angel sprite set i found that has 4 angels: a child, a teen, a young adult, and an adult. in my search for a face i found this can some one make me a face set for each one (the ones with out the "X"s)in a similar style? Or if possible in ace rtp style? thanks in advance...
  8. Past Midnight Gaming

    Actor state or something like that

    alright here is the situation: The Actor (lets call him Jack") is an elementalist (Like the avatar) i want to set up a way to switch Jack's "Element" (state) so that the way he fights changes it can be either in battle or via menu. it doesnt have to be both any suggestions?
  9. Past Midnight Gaming

    can anyone help with saba kan's dungeon gen?

    Ok so I make this short dungeon game 12 floors and a boss at the end. i saw saba kan's script for random dungeon gen so i thought "hey thats like pokemon mystery dungeon!" so i set up the maps as shown in the post after first testing it in another longer project im working on. after sorting out...

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