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  1. aceandbacon

    Pretty Sleek Gauges

    Sure! Thank you for your help!
  2. aceandbacon

    Pretty Sleek Gauges

    Hello, thank you for the great plugin! I am also having issues with the TP bar disappearing and not being able to change the EXP bar position- I tried changing the bar position in the code as well and seems to have no effect. Appreciate any help if possible!
  3. aceandbacon

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Thank you for those demon statues they work MUCH better for demon and dragon themed areas!
  4. aceandbacon

    Making Food meaningful & simulating taste

    I'm using food in my game as part of a gifting system- where giving food to various characters can boost or lower their affection or cooperation rates (though the game also has dating sim elements and is very story heavy). It also works as an alternative to potions since the food gives you a...

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Back home now :cutesmile:

Many thanks to all my fellow game devs. for all the support during this crazy time.

Feeling a bit rough but much better then bein' hospitalized at least.

Now time to get back to the code :D
Added skill ranges, and very basic implementation of scope, with a rule called "empty tile" that simply returns true if the selected tile is empty (has a battler), and false otherwise

This means movement range and attack ranges are all automatically implemented.

More info:
Stone masons are hard at work creating beautiful sculptures for your games...
When you realize @Kupotepo is a champion among RM Web users, and it all makes sense now:
Worst nightmare this morning, tried to get 20 minutes of work done on my project before heading to work and got hit with a POWER SURGE. Restarted my computer and the project was CORRUPTED, luckily I made a back up a few days ago so I only lost 4 days of work but still

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