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  1. Window_Selectable problem

    So I was able to create a selectable window but I cant activate it or draw anything on it It's just a blank window, I cant choose options or do anything with that window and the highlighted option isn't flashing When I type "" in the console window...
  2. Questions about plugin making

    Hello, I'm trying to make some plugins plivately for my project and I have 2 questions 1. When I try to use $game, $data or any other command that starts with "$" in my js file it throws the "cannot read property ... of null". But if I put it inside a Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand it...
  3. Buffs and debuffs???

    So if I understood it right debuff and buffs in [effects] -> [param] tab changes the flunctuation level which is 25% and you can't set how much of a parameter you debuff it's always 25% of the parameter and you can only set for how many turns it will last. And flunctuation level can stack if...
  4. Changing extra parameters via scripts

    I want to make a mechanic when you equip a certain weapon you gain crit and hit rate depending on your attack. But I noticed that you can only change extra parameters in traits. Is it possible to change extra parameters such as hit rate or crit rate via script calls or eventing?
  5. How to make a command menu?

    Can anyone make a guide on how to create command windows with options and handlers please? I was able to create a window using this code function MyWindow() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); } MyWindow.prototype = Object.create(Window_Base.prototype) MyWindow.prototype.constructor =...
  6. How can I add an item by the variable of itemId?

    I want to add or remove an item which id is defined by certain variable (variable #1 for example) I tried using those scripts: $gameParty.gainItem($dataItems[$gameVariables[1]], 1) $gameParty.gainItem($gameVariables[1], 1) But it didn't work. But when I use this...
  7. Yanfly's animated sv enemies are invisible

    Everything worked fine before. But then for some reason animated sideview enemies became invisible while static ones are visible. I created new project with only CoreEngine, BattleCore and SideviewBattler to check. This time animated enemies are visible but the main character's troop isn't. Can...
  8. How to set a variable equal to character's level?

    I want to set character's level as a variable I tried everything $gameVariables.setValue(2, $gamePlayer.level); $gameVariables.setValue(2, actor.level); $gameVariables.setValue(2, $gameParty.level); $gameVariables.setValue(2, $gamePlayer._level); $gameVariables.setValue(2, actor._level)...

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Added skill ranges, and very basic implementation of scope, with a rule called "empty tile" that simply returns true if the selected tile is empty (has a battler), and false otherwise

This means movement range and attack ranges are all automatically implemented.

More info:
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