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  1. GamesOfShadows

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    I picked it randomly. If someone has an old / bad PC, they would have laggs at 50-75 Events, I have laggs at ~200. So it should be tested on the same PC. Every Event did something "at the same time", many conditions and so on.
  2. GamesOfShadows

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    I'm wondering how powerful MZ will be compared to MV. So like (for example) a MV-Game would lagg at ~70 Events that will do something at the same time, a MZ-Game would lagg at ~90 Events. This would be interesting for me. ^^ And is the Android-Export better / would it be better compatible...
  3. GamesOfShadows

    detect collision from event on event.

    Code Edit #2 (if someone else could need this): Self-Switch "A" is now only triggered if the other event is named "Change me to Event name". So you can limit the whole thing nicely. Thanks again to Shaz. ^^ var otherEventsOnThisTile = $gameMap.eventsXy(this.character(0).x...
  4. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Super Cool【Demo】|#| 2D-Shooter (with Template-Version)

    Demo-Update 1.3 is out now! ✔ Done. It is very difficult to stop them, when you stop. I can not fix that (only maybe with a huge workaround - or I'm just to stupid XD). Now the Player will have a save Tutorial-Level to test things out. ✔ Improved. ✔ Done. Well at the end I didn't change it...
  5. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Super Cool【Demo】|#| 2D-Shooter (with Template-Version)

    @EuphemiaArtoria Thank you so much! :) I will try my best to improve the game. ^^
  6. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Super Cool【Demo】|#| 2D-Shooter (with Template-Version)

    HUGE UPDATE! :kaopride: It's been a long time, but here is it! An update! Unfortunately not a full release yet, but a complete rework! Many improvements, bugfixes, etc.! I hope you like it. ;) I also redesigned the thread! Here is the Update Log: Demo-Version 1.2 +New level (level 3)...
  7. GamesOfShadows

    detect collision from event on event.

    After a long search, I finally came across this thread. Thank you very much @Shaz that you have shared that script. That helps me alot. I have many events that query a collision with a particular event. Thus, the game would be unplayable for bad PCs, but this has saved my day / project! :D I...
  8. GamesOfShadows

    One Map Game Challenge Submissions

    Hey, I'm not sure, but I think my game is a little bit against the rules... If the "credits" are not part of the game, then everything should fit, otherwise the little minigame in the credits will disqualify my game. ;_; However, I had to do credits and wanted to make them a little nicer. :D...
  9. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Only One Trash Game |#| A game for the "One Map Game Challenge"

    :kaojoy: Only One Trash Game :kaolivid: (It's really a bad trash game!) ☠ The reason why you shouldn't play it: ☠ 1. It's a short Trash-Game. 2. It has a bad Story. 3. It was created by a stupid guy. ★ What is special about this game? ★ The COMPLETE game ONLY runs on one event, one...
  10. GamesOfShadows

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    If you know how, you could make public rooms. But you need to make for every room a new Map and new global Vars / Switches. Hope the Create-/Join-Room System in the "Project Fireball" will be released soon. ^^
  11. GamesOfShadows

    FREE Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition [All Positions Open]

    Hey, as I already said in the other thread: I'm an expert when it comes to events, switches and variables. I'm also good at mapping, as well as parallax mapping (but I'm a beginner there). I can do for you the preliminary work and "copy & paste" events that are simple to edit. I have projects...
  12. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Pokemon Essentials MV (with RealSize Overworlds)

    Hey I'm a Pokemon-Fan too. At some point in the future, I want to make a game inspired by Pokemon. Unfortunately I can't write Plugins, but I'm an expert in RPG Maker (MV) with Events, Switches and Variables. These 3 little things can do a lot, if you know how. I am currently testing the...
  13. GamesOfShadows

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    Edit: Ok maybe next year? I finished the game but Dropbox was Buggy. GG. PS: Good luck to you all ;) So many great games.
  14. GamesOfShadows

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    @Stranga They just said "make a game". Not "make a full game", "demo game", "preview game" or something like that. :) So... yeah - hopefully. I can only submit a preview (if I can finish it in time). For a big and good game, you need more than a month. Even my preview can be done nearly...
  15. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Ok cool! Thx! :D:thumbsup-right: - Some comments would be helpful. The original version was a bit strange. :unsure:
  16. GamesOfShadows

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    @Marquise* Thank you! :D I will try to make a "Horror" Escape-Game with many different minigames and puzzles... but it will be a "stupid" game (it's also called "The Stupid Escape"). :troll: - As you have already said: I'm just going to do a preview / a very short game and eventually finish it...
  17. GamesOfShadows

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    Oh... I'm a bit late. :guffaw: 5 days to create a short game. Challenge accepted - maybe. :unsure: PS: Good luck to all :thumbsup-right:
  18. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Block-Jump【Template】|#| Block-Jump&Run (Template-Version)

    @Ninakoru Thank you! :D I am very glad to hear this and I will give my best! :)
  19. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Block-Jump【Template】|#| Block-Jump&Run (Template-Version)

    @Freank Nice! :D The only difference is that mine is a Block-Jump&Run :stickytongue:... and your game has the better graphics. :eek::thumbsup-left:

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