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  1. Dracoliche

    New: Karugamo, Love and Sorrow, Elemental Dungeons

    i will buy love and sorrow when it will be on steam.
  2. Dracoliche

    RPG Maker Web Winter Sale!

    i think degica can sell more dlc if all are released on steam too. on steam, it's easier to install and download all dlc. but it's my opinion :) i buy dlc here too, but, i don't like to take dlc on two differents web sites. I like to get them on one site, it's easier :)
  3. Dracoliche

    RPG Maker Web Winter Sale!

    Hi all and thanks for winter sale, i bought a lot of DLC on steam :) just a question, some DLC are not on steam, under MV site page (only available on this site market) example : - animation collection II - medieval bosses - time fantasy winter - medieval dungeons...
  4. Dracoliche

    Animations - Quantum is now available!

    no pb to buy this great quality dlc. but i want to buy it on steam :)  i will wait. Any release date on steam ?
  5. Dracoliche

    KADOKAWA Official Japanese Music Resource Series!

    i bought all packs. The sounds are really great and usefull. Tilesets are acceptable.
  6. Dracoliche

    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    I am disappointed that a release date for DLC 4 is not announced. The season pass was initially released on December 17, 2015, in about twenty days, it will be 1 year. The release of the DLC 4 was to be done 8 months after initial release date... Some people will say "i'm crying again"... but we...
  7. Dracoliche

    Question regarding new GCH Portfolio Edition

    i think 70% is an error. Degica wrote that : 1. Loyalty Discount We are looking into setting up a 50% loyalty discount for any GCH owners who purchase GCH:PE. Any GCH owner that has already purchased GCH:PE will receive equivalent RPG maker store credit or a DLC pack. We will have more...
  8. Dracoliche

    What did you except ?

    A picture is worth a thousand words . What do you think about focus in this image ?
  9. Dracoliche

    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    Image to illustrate promised delivery date. only one question : when DLC 4 will be released ? 10 months after....
  10. Dracoliche

    Train Animation !

    I made that with spriter ! i needed it to make an animation of the train, entering in station Credit: Kadokawa, and author of Season Pass DLC on steam Non-Commercial: Read credits of DLC. If you own it, no problem Commercial: Read credits of DLC. If you own it, no problem...
  11. Dracoliche

    Tileset image on event

    ok that was that. i changed event priority. and it's ok. atfer 300 hours of development i never saw this pb. it's not a bug. thanks.
  12. Dracoliche

    Tileset image on event

    Hi, i post here to show a possible bug sorry for my english :) at right, an object on map directly with tileset at left, same object on map but i put it with an event see character... is it a bug ?

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