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  1. slickdeath97

    Places that are off limits

    Hey guys was wondering if I could get some help with this. I am trying to make an event that allows players in an area with specific characters but doesn't allow others to go in there. Example: Player chooses male character and attempts to go into a room not meant for him, but can't go in there...
  2. slickdeath97

    Animated title problem

    Hey guys, could use some help with this. I am trying to use MOGs animated title script and have everything setup right, but when I try and start a testplay it gives me this error: How do I fix this error? Script:
  3. slickdeath97

    Using Default premade maps?

    Do you guys think it is a bad thing to use default premade maps? If not do you guys think there should be a limit on how many are used?
  4. slickdeath97

    Materia system AP not going through

    I am thinking about using VE materia system, but when I use materia on a weapon or armor nothing happens with the AP unless I level up. Other than that, when I beat an enemy the AP doesn't go up. I have a weapon with materia that goes up after 20 AP. Sorry if this question doesn't make much...
  5. slickdeath97

    Yanfly JP Manager + FF7 Materia System

    Before I start I wish to say sorry if this is the wrong spot for this. I am using yanflys JP Script and was thinking about using Victor Engines Materia script, but I don't wish to use AP for the materia. Is there a way to modify the script or make an add-on so that I could use JP for the...
  6. slickdeath97

    Actor duel mini game health problem and problem with yanfly message system

    I am trying to use both yanfly message system and galv duel mini game script. I am having a bit of an issue. When I play the mini game and go to play it again,, the health of the duelers stay what they were at and don't refill back to full. The problem I am having with yanfly message system is...
  7. slickdeath97


    Was thinking about the way my credits should go and was wondering if I should put the names of the scripters and all the scripts I am using of theirs or should I just put the names of the scripters?
  8. slickdeath97

    CSCA Encyclopedia Bestiary Addon

    I am using CSCA Encyclopedia script and am looking for an addon for the bestiary part of the script that allows the player to view the enemies weaknesses and things of that nature in another page of the bestiary. Thanks for the help. Script:
  9. slickdeath97

    Animated Title screen problem

    Hey guys, need a bit of help. I have a friend that is using a script I sent to them and they have everythging they need but the script is giving them this type of error: How would we fix this? Here is the script:
  10. slickdeath97

    Switches with codes and opening a door

    I am looking to make an event where a door will only open if switches are hit in the right order. How would I go at doing this without a lot of Control switches and control variables? Do note the best example I can come up with is making a button coded door in minecraft if that helps. Thanks for...
  11. slickdeath97

    Windows Defender + Rpg maker game

    I am having a bit of an issue with some of the people that are testing my game, some of them say that they can't run the game because their antivirus software says that it might contain a virus. How would I go at fixing this problem? Thanks for any help.
  12. slickdeath97

    Hime Shop Stock

    Hey guys, could use some help. I am using himes shop stock script and it works just fine, the only problem is this: The numbers for how many things are left is colliding with the name of the item. How would I go at fixing this? Thanks for the help. Script:
  13. slickdeath97

    Name box with yanfly message system + Galv Bust Script

    I am using Galvs message bust system and was thinking of using yanflys message system with a name box addon. The only problem that I seem to run into is that I don't exactly know how the addon works and when I just try to use the message system and get the name box above the text it overlaps the...
  14. slickdeath97

    Reading levels of the leader/party member

    Hey guys, could use some help with something. I am trying to make an event that adds a party member, but I want the party member to be set to around the same level as the leader. There are multiple options for the leader, but not all of them would be the same level, so how would I go at making a...
  15. slickdeath97

    Quest Kill x enemies

    I am using this quest script and need some help: I need to figure out how to make it read when I have a quest that requires me to kill x amount of enemies then once I do that then I can turn it in. How would I do this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  16. slickdeath97

    Quest Board

    Hey guys was wondering if I might be able to get some help. If anyone here has played elsword then you might know how to help me with this. I am trying to make an event that has a man that travels to towns and gives you the opportunity to either do quests or buy from his shop. The quests will...
  17. slickdeath97

    Basic Quest System

    Hey guys was wondering if I could get some help with something. I am using Vlues basic quest system script and can't seam to find the volume controls for some of the sound effects that are used in the script. Any help is appreciated. Script...
  18. slickdeath97

    CSCA Encyclopedia + Yanfly New game+

    I am looking for a script that allows me to carry over all the information that is collected in the encyclopedia (weapons/armor/monsters/ext.) to a new game plus. Any help is appreciated.
  19. slickdeath97

    Weapon Stats + elements

    I am looking for a script that is like an encyclopedia, but shows the weapons and armors elements that they hit for, elements they are weak to, and stats they can inflict. Any help is appreciated.
  20. slickdeath97

    RMVXA Final Boss Fun

    So I had a few ideas for the final boss of my game and here they are: 1. Each time the player looses they are transferred to the boss entrance and a variable is added. 2. Each time a variable is added the text between the final boss and player change. 3. The final boss changes depending on who...

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