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  1. Arvalis

    Can this be made into a usable sprite sheet?

    Hi! When it comes to spriting and manipulating sprite sheets, I am garbage. I came across these sprites from FFT and I want to use them for a project that uses isometric graphics. Is it possible to convert this sheet into a usable one for MV? If so, hopefully to have all 8 walking directions and...
  2. Arvalis

    Head Switch!

    Hey, I'm absolute garbage when it comes to any kind of sprite work, so I thought I would ask here if someone would be able to help me. I am looking to see if someone would be able to switch heads for actors 1 and 3 in this reference? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Arvalis

    "Hold L+R to Run" or something similar

    Hey everyone, Is there such a script that is available or that can be made to allow "run" or "flee" to work the same way older Final Fantasy games do? It's not a selectable command or skill, you just hold L+R (or two programmable buttons of choice) simultaneously to activate it. What I'm...
  4. Arvalis

    Need VX Mack Sprite of my art!

    Hey spriters! Resource Type: Character Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Mack Description: I need a walking sprite of this character. It's my own art from another artist of the main character in my game. I don't need the swords at his side, but I think it would be a great addition to his...
  5. Arvalis

    Mack Style Sprite Poses

    Hey everyone, I'm LOVING the Mack style of sprites. They look fantastic and are *MUCH* better than the smaller chibi style in MV. (This request can be made for VXA style of Mack sprites) What I'm looking for is for someone to take one of my main characters and to make poses for them. Even if...

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