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  1. profdemetri

    Save your Mother IN STORES AGAIN

    Looks like a really cute game~ I really love the sprite work and the design for them!
  2. profdemetri

    Prof's Naga Warrior Release

    I see what you mean.  Thanks for the input.  I'll keep that in mind from now on.   :)
  3. profdemetri

    Prof's Naga Warrior Release

    Welcome to my first release!   A Naga themed warrior set for all to use.  Made with VX Ace in mind, these resources can be used in whatever way you see fit.   With that being said, if you do decide to use the sprite set, don't feel the need to credit me as it was an edit for Loose Leaf...
  4. profdemetri

    ReStaff April 2013 Release

    Another amazing release!  Great job to everyone! :D
  5. profdemetri

    RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    Wow, this look fantastic!
  6. profdemetri

    ReStaff March 2013 Release

    And I'm a boy~ It's okay lol I know what lack of food does to a person.
  7. profdemetri

    Guest Contributors

    I got another question.  I have just one battler to submit for this month, but I'm wondering if that one battler needs an entire zip file?  Can I just submit the png of it?
  8. profdemetri

    Guest Contributors

    Okay cool. Thanks for clearing that up~
  9. profdemetri

    Guest Contributors

    Oooh this looks very fun and fantastic!  I'd love to contribute to the ReStaff releases.   I'm not the best in spriting, but I'm thinking about doing a few character portraits?   I just have a question about them.  Do they need to be in that more anime/cartoon style as with the stock...

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