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  1. KrispyTheKorn

    Change Class with Equipment

    Hello, I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. Is there an existing script available (For VX Ace) where you can change the actors class by equipment, specifically the body equip type and then revert to a basic class on unequip. Ideally this would be by placing a Tag inside the Note box...
  2. KrispyTheKorn

    Party Selection Screen Script: Need Help

    Hi again. I've recently been trying to put together a Party Selection scene that will allow the player to recruit three additional actors to their team before going on 'Missions', but I have come to a slight (Massive) stumbling block. The scene is working (if not slightly buggy) and currently...
  3. KrispyTheKorn

    Choice Window Text Align

    Hi everyone I'm KrispyTheKorn, long time reader, first time asking for help ... erm guy. I've searched the forums extensively as well as done a lot of Google searching, but I've come up against a bit of an obstacle and I require some help in order to proceed. As the title suggests I'm trying to...

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