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  1. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Only One Trash Game |#| A game for the "One Map Game Challenge"

    :kaojoy: Only One Trash Game :kaolivid: (It's really a bad trash game!) ☠ The reason why you shouldn't play it: ☠ 1. It's a short Trash-Game. 2. It has a bad Story. 3. It was created by a stupid guy. ★ What is special about this game? ★ The COMPLETE game ONLY runs on one event, one...
  2. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Block-Jump【Template】|#| Block-Jump&Run (Template-Version)

    Post will be updated soon!... Template-Version is ready for release! It only needs a "Help-File" and a new Post.
  3. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Super Cool【Demo】|#| 2D-Shooter (with Template-Version)

    "Super - Hot - Super - Ho..." - Well... I mean... - "Super - Cool - Super - Cool"! Based on the game "Super Hot" (Time only moves when you move). Move in the shadows like a "ninja", eliminate the combat robots with a clean shot and when they see you... RUN! If you get too close to your...

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Finally finished my first big game since joining the forums! Please check out Petal Knights!
Back home now :cutesmile:

Many thanks to all my fellow game devs. for all the support during this crazy time.

Feeling a bit rough but much better then bein' hospitalized at least.

Now time to get back to the code :D
Added skill ranges, and very basic implementation of scope, with a rule called "empty tile" that simply returns true if the selected tile is empty (has a battler), and false otherwise

This means movement range and attack ranges are all automatically implemented.

More info:
Stone masons are hard at work creating beautiful sculptures for your games...
When you realize @Kupotepo is a champion among RM Web users, and it all makes sense now:

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