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  1. Dark Paladin

    Hi again!

    Been a long while since I posted anything in these forums. I think my last one was in 2016. Bought MV about a month ago and looking to move all my projects to it from VX Ace. I'll post some screenshots on what I've been working on for the last 3 years in the project forums later if anyone is...
  2. Dark Paladin

    Help with positions

    I'm a little lost with Java scripting. I'm familliar with ruby and have made some of my own scripts before but the way the java is set up is a little confusing to me. I've read through most all of the main files and I can't seem to find where the battle engine decides what position the...
  3. Dark Paladin

    Side View Battle System edits

    I would like to request some features added to the sideview battle system.   Firstly Rows for the characters or formations. Like this:   Your back row would be reserved for Range type units or Casters. The middle spot would be for Ranged or melee dps. And of course the front would be for Tanks...
  4. Dark Paladin

    Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2

      Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2 By: Dark Paladin Introduction Just a custom single player menu. Made for a request from Tetsune. Features Right now you can adjust window opacitys. Defaults are 0. You can also change the background. Item selection is on the main menu. Built in...
  5. Dark Paladin

    MOG&DP - Animated Gameover (v2.4) Unofficial

    MOG&DP - Animated Gameover (v2.4) Unofficial Original script by Moghunter, Edited by Dark Paladin Introduction I changed Moghunters animated title script to use as the Gameover scene. Just thought I'd share. This was a request from ShinGamix. Features - Added the ability to play a movie...

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Added skill ranges, and very basic implementation of scope, with a rule called "empty tile" that simply returns true if the selected tile is empty (has a battler), and false otherwise

This means movement range and attack ranges are all automatically implemented.

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