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  1. Dragon Emperors

    RMVXA Lucerna Tenebris

    "Energetic teens, Rex and Regina, are starting out their first adventure, unaware of the fate within the darkness." This is a Work In Progress, bugs and errors can be found but we're improving it every week. Announcement We've updated the demo in our! Check it out HERE About this...
  2. Dragon Emperors

    RMVXA Cursed Mansion

    "This mansion has waited long for its shroud of darkness to be lifted." - Master Edward Gracey, The Haunted Mansion Something happened in the past here. Something unsettling. How did I get here? Is it a coincidence? Is it because the rain? Is it a curse? Now I'm locked inside, I have to get...
  3. Dragon Emperors

    RMVXA [RSW] Hangover Walk on The Wild Side

    In one peaceful day... The shrine can't find its maiden... Synopsis In one particular day, Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden is absent from the shrine. Suika, an oni who usually hangs around the shrine decided to act as the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. However, little did she know that a...
  4. Dragon Emperors

    [RSW] Touhou: Oracle of Forgotten Testament

    Gensokyo, an isolated land separated by the Great Hakurei Barrier from the outside world. A land where incidents occur occasionally and eventually solved. In one regular night, a thief snuck into the Scarlet Devil Mansion. No one ever predicted that this is a beginning of a new incident...
  5. Dragon Emperors


    Hello all! I'm Keith from Dragon Emperors, a small team developer trying to make some rpg game with RPG Maker. Currently, I'm learning about possibilities and limitations of RPG Maker VX Ace, and try to catch up with my friends. Well, because I mainly just dealing with bgm before. Oh, we are...

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Finally finished my first big game since joining the forums! Please check out Petal Knights!
Back home now :cutesmile:

Many thanks to all my fellow game devs. for all the support during this crazy time.

Feeling a bit rough but much better then bein' hospitalized at least.

Now time to get back to the code :D
Added skill ranges, and very basic implementation of scope, with a rule called "empty tile" that simply returns true if the selected tile is empty (has a battler), and false otherwise

This means movement range and attack ranges are all automatically implemented.

More info:
Stone masons are hard at work creating beautiful sculptures for your games...
When you realize @Kupotepo is a champion among RM Web users, and it all makes sense now:

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