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  1. Physeter

    Arum Calender

    I think, a new calendar per se is a good idea. Though I also have some trouble with only 222 day a year. Also we will develop and play the games mostly in the medivial and renaissance age. On earth at that time every continent had its own calendar. Think of the Maya for example. Therefore your...
  2. Physeter

    2 Free mini-packs! Read for details

    Well, since this is still an active thread and I very much would like to get one or even two mini-packs, too, I also wrote my review. It might have been gotten a litte enthusiastic, but what the heck. I hope I'm in at least for the second pack. Oh, it still said there were 31 reviews...
  3. Physeter

    Beginner's Guide to Creating a RPG Story!

    Koop: Thank you for your guide. It is not very detailed but it nails the most important points! Sinakhai: Thank you also for your input. The lists you provided are very interesting.
  4. Physeter

    Dead Moon Night

    Wow, this is like half of the forum members were playing this game. And why not? Its absolutely fun to play! Almost every point I wanted to write is already written here. I only can say, I'm looking forward to you balancing that mod system. Oh, and actually a bug:
  5. Physeter

    In Search of Clues

    Yes, a nice little game with fun lines and a surprising end. And great as a prequel, it makes curious about the rest...
  6. Physeter

    The Secret Life of Jhannad

    Hi Velex, I just tried your game and I like it. It was nice to see how a technical simple game (with RTP and no scripts I assume) could work. The setup and background was great for a fantasy game. Maybe you should give it a try and expand it a little? About the mapping you heard enough...
  7. Physeter


    Sooo, I'm through! Congratiolations! Its a great game you made, Zeuzio! And, I guess, my biggest compliment would be, that I'd like to play it through once more. This time with the Alchemist and some other choices for Trich, my slime. Its fun to explore these totally different worlds, to best...
  8. Physeter

    Maximus Jones

    Entertaining? That's right, it IS entertaining! The mini game with that fairy was hilarious! The shop mini game was innovative, though I had the needed amount after two customers. May be a bit fast. The boulder game was captivating, each room was easy, but all rooms combined left a nice...
  9. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @ Dactrius: Looks good! Are these houses your own creation? Maybe you want to erase that bushes left of the bridge, since it might be a more frequented way and thats why the grass can't be very well grown there. @ Kumori: So it's in a cave? It's very gray. What do you want to express with that...
  10. Physeter

    The World of Shidel

    So! I went through and I must say: I definitely like your little game! The best features are of course your unique characters! You seem to care about them AND -more important- you made me think that you seem to care about them. :D Your game has funny dialogues and I was enjoying to read them...
  11. Physeter

    The World of Shidel

    Alright, I went on. And maybe I came up with what made the battles a bit boring: It is, that every party member has its strongest attacks only after the first round. I guess it would be ok for some of them, but with ALL of them this way the random battles are all alike. And to the dragon: This...
  12. Physeter

    The World of Shidel

    Well, I'm through until the Green Emerald and I must say - WANT to say ;) - that I like your game! Although the battles are a bit boring , but I definitely like your characters! You have funny ideas (best scene so far is Socks dancing on the tables!! *LMAO*) and your chars are nuts, but in an...
  13. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    rgangsta: Your map looks good. A bit spooky too. Though you might want to get lost of the autoshadow for all racks, at least for the shadows which are in a bright spot.
  14. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @dragons: The style from the XP set doesn't blend well with the VX style. I had to be convinced too, but now that I'm seeing both together this way, I think they were right. Why don't you try Macks Tileset? He has almost the same furniture like the XPs you used? But Parallax Mapping sure is...
  15. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @ Shin: For me the blue (or the brown) is too saturated. Somehow it doesn't fit together. I don't know, the blue is, well, too blue for me... :)
  16. Physeter

    Arum Reference World Map [Submit your new countries here]

    The same for me. I still want to make my game, but there is no chance I'm will be able to provide anything playable until next weekend! I'm still trying to get the resources together.
  17. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    Neoz: Holy! That looks like... holy!! The tiles are awesome, but how you do work with the light effects - they're not just lighting the map, they're looking -well, extremely lack of words here!- like heaven. May I ask you to make a tutorial for your light effects? EvilEagles: Where is the cart...
  18. Physeter

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    :D Or you could just use Autorun for the second map, if it wasn't used before in the game. Thus you could save on switch slot! *yeay!* :)
  19. Physeter

    Game & Map Screenshots

    Confederacy: It looks good. Maybe you change some of the holes in the floor into fissures/rifts? You removed the dirt, so the guild can't repair their house but keep it clean? :) For the walls next to the stairs, maybe you try something else. What you might have in mind according to Erilex pic...
  20. Physeter

    The Resource WIP Thread

    Wow, thank you all for the praise! I'm flattered... :wub: But honestly, the face from the front looks silly! Do you have any suggestions?

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