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  1. NarutoButUchiha

    Multiplayer chat / NPC Chat [RM MV]

    Hello, There was question for multiplayer chat recently and i have an idea for plugin because i guess there isnt plugin like this yet. So im thinking about chat that: - if players writes message its visible for other players - the second usage: interaction with NPCs (sellers or other). How it...
  2. NarutoButUchiha

    Equipped items, armor HUD

    Hey, I wonder if its possible to make HUD like this in RPG maker mv (look at the photo :) ) I would want to have equipped items shown somewhere on the screen, without necessity to search for it in menu. Thanks for answers Example photo is from naruto ots (tibia remake)
  3. NarutoButUchiha

    Using graphics on different RPG makers

    Hey, I was wondering if i can use graphics from RPG maker XP in RPG maker MV. Ive bought RPG maker mv and i'm going to buy RPG maker XP as well. So will i be able to share to other my game created in RPG maker mv that uses RPG maker's XP resources (mainly trees)? Thanks for answers! :)
  4. NarutoButUchiha

    How to change look of the start window

    Hi, Im trying to make a game in RPG Maker MV but i have a problem. I tried to find a way how to edit start window (so it would look different) but i couldnt. Can u help me? Look at the image so you can exactly know what i mean. Thanks for help.

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