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  1. D-D-D-Dan

    Swap Characters for Battle Event

    I have a "battle event" where i need to "remove" all party members before the battle and have one take they`re place in that battle and have them be returned to the party after said battle. Is there a easy way of doing this? I cant use Change party member and add/remove the party members because...
  2. D-D-D-Dan

    Change Actor but keep name?

    I am setting up my class change that happens at a certain level all classes have a certain level cap and I want to change appearance based on class choice easiest way i can think of is make a new actor based on class choice. Main Characters name can be chosen by the player so i need a way to...
  3. D-D-D-Dan

    Remove MP from Menu

    In my game mana is set to zero at the beginning of every encounter so there is no reason to have the Mana bar shown in the Menus. Is there a simple way to remove/hide the Mana bar in the menus but still have it in encounters?
  4. D-D-D-Dan

    BGM in Editor wont play after Listening to multiple tracks (MV)

    This is more of a inconvenience than a actual issue. When I listen to several BGM SE and other tracks using MV to find one I like for my map the Program wont play any BGM SE or what have you until I restart MV. Is this a known Issue or something on my end? Is there a fix or do I just have to...
  5. D-D-D-Dan

    Diminishing Mana Return

    Hey there, I have a issue setting something up. I have my combat system setup that you start every encounter with 0 mana. Basic skills generate mana and abilites spend it. Maximum Mana is capped at 150. The regen part all works perfectly fine. Now I would like to add Diminishing Return to my...
  6. D-D-D-Dan

    Item use returns to map (and other things id like to work on)

    The way my Menu is setup is bad and i would like to work on it.. Currently to heal a Character via Potion goes as follows: Enter Menu -> Item -> Select Character -> Item Overview -> Select Potion-> Select Character -> Use item -> Automaticaly leave Menu and go to Map If you need to heal...
  7. D-D-D-Dan

    Temporary Buffs that last multiple fights

    Hi there guys and gals! I´ve been tinkering around with my project and made save points that work as healing and teleport points aswell (this is all working) Now i figured whats the point of having Inns where i can sleep and heal up if i have free healing at save points other than maybe a...
  8. D-D-D-Dan

    Balancing Random-/Multitarget Skills

    Hey there guys and gals. I have been working on balancing my combat system which after some (ALOT) of trial and error has been moderately successfull. Now i have been working on my Random-/Multitarget Skills. I have balanced them in a way of cost and damage but i still have issues with the...
  9. D-D-D-Dan

    Issues with Quest Log

    Hey there its me again with another question. I tried multiple plugins for Quest Logs but I havent gotten any to work properly... I had issues with other plugins causing problems and/or issues with just figuring out how to get it to work all together. So I set it up with Items. Made 2 new Item...
  10. D-D-D-Dan

    Setting up events when you have more than one Actor to choose from at the start

    Hey there guys and gals... Its me AGAIN :kaoswt2: I have a character and name select (Male/Female) at the start of the game. Sofar i have been setting up all my events ( conversations, class selection ect.) with: If: Male do this If:Female do that else: Every now and then i loose oversight...
  11. D-D-D-Dan

    Class Change NPC

    Hey guys and gals its me again with another question. Im looking to make a "Class Trainer" A NPC that sells Skillbooks but also allows a actor to change class once reaching a certain level. (the skillbook thing is taken care of and works perfect) Example: ActorID 1 is ClassID 1 level 1 NPC...
  12. D-D-D-Dan

    Setting up a skill that marks a target that then heals allies

    Hi there guys and gals. Im looking to put together a skill and im kinda stuck. I want to make a skill that targets one or maybe all enemies (not sure how balanced it will be if it targets all) causing a state that if the actors then attack the marked target(s) they heal for a % of done damage...
  13. D-D-D-Dan

    Looking for a way to set Custom use Conditions in MV

    Good day everyone im here in search of people who are most likely smarter than I am. I have tried searching for my problem and tried solving it myself to no avail. I have been searching for a way to set custom use Conditions. I have tried yanfly's plugin for item requirements but either im...

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