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  1. Freank

    Cross Device Progress - The Memory Card

    Hi guys, I'm working with the developers of indiexpo website to create a Virtual Memory Card for the Rpg Maker MV Games. What is it? Very easy. You can start to play a game on your pc, save the progress... And continue to play it on your mobile phone! (Or also on your smart TV if you enabled...
  2. Freank

    Only rpg maker projects?

    I know that probably it is a stupid question (because we are on the official rpg maker forum)... but can I post in Projects Area only games made using rpg maker? No with unity, construct2 or other engines...?
  3. Freank

    The Game of your Dreams

    What's the game of your dreams that you want to realize? that impossible game where you need a team of over 50 expert developers :D My dream was to realize a huge MMO Rpg game, with a huge world and a lot of different kind of games inside. Like Ready Player One world, but without the VR :D
  4. Freank

    Multilanguage Game. What's the best way?

    In the last period I played a lot of rpg maker games made in japan and translated in english or other languages. I noted one thing. A lot of games are uploaded as different games. For example "Game Name - ENG", "Game Name - RU", "Game Name - ITA", etc. Few games used the "Select language"...
  5. Freank

    Where are you from? :)

    Where are you making your games?
  6. Freank

    Breaking the fourth wall - Interesting Japanese Game

    Hi discovered few days ago this very interesting game. It's ぶきあつめ / Bukiatsume, made by kagaya (from Japan) The great feature of this game is to break the fourth wall. It's an hilarius game, that remember me the game with Deadpool. in fact, when you play the game, you can use EVERYTHING like...
  7. Freank

    Any Ruby on Rails developers in here?

    On VX and VX Ace you can write script in Ruby. But there's also another language, called Ruby on Rails, used to make website or apps. It's new and it's growing up very fastly. A lot of famous websites are made with it. For example, Dribbble, Fiverr, Github, Hulu, indiegogo, Twitch or...
  8. Freank

    Yume Nikki... Official Sequel?

    Today on Steam, Kikiyama and the AGM PLAYISM, opened a page about Yume Nikki. And they said that The countdown to the next YUME NIKKI project begins Countdown Link
  9. Freank

    Resource from Japan...

    Hi guys, I was playing a game that is using a very nice tileset. Here theyre are the screenshots: Do you know it? What's its name? Is it a public resource or original? The game is 少女怪物青い花, an horror game playable only online...
  10. Freank

    CoreEngine Resolution width/height: 100% ?

    I use many times the YEP_CoreEngine script. I use it to edit the resolution of my games. But they are always "fixed" in this new "relative" web. My question was: How can I set the width or the height: 100%? EDIT: I find a solution editing the css/html of the game. You have to edit index.html...
  11. Freank

    SERVICE Who wants to Add achievements/records in own game? Experiment

    It's very hard to follow the Project Recruitment Rules and Guidelines... because it's not a game. It's a service for the developers. We (me + indiexpo staff) made a script for Rpg Maker MV that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. The script is full and it...
  12. Freank

    RMMV Tower Capture

    TOWER CAPTURE SECTION A: SYNOPSIS The goal is simple: entrap your opponent in as few moves as possible. Each turn you may move and launch a maelstrom of arrows at your enemy. It's inspired by the GO Game. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK You can play it online here! It's free! If...
  13. Freank

    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Into the Wild SYNOPSIS Hi guys! I discovered few days ago the (japanese) plugin made by Tomoaky to make platform games using rpg maker mv. So I started to make a Platform Game using Rpg Maker MV! The example game made by Tomoaky has a lot of other script and features. I'm disabling a lot...
  14. Freank

    Gamepad on your smartphone [RpgMakerMV]

    Hi Guys! Basically it allow you to play your game using your phone like a gamepad, thanks to a free app : the indiepad. You can upload a MV game on and, when you start to play, use the app to scan the QR code. It will turn the smartphones of the players in gamepads for your...
  15. Freank

    RMMV Find the Difference!

    Are coming friends at home but you haven't gamepads? Do you want to play videogames with your friends in the same room but the multiplayer is only online? Here it's the solution (made by me :D )! This is a minigame made with RpgMaker MV that you can play with your friends. Min 2, max 4...
  16. Freank

    Split screen for a local multiplayer game?

    Hi guys, I made this game to test the local multiplayer. You can play it online and move the first PG using the ARROWS and the second PG using WASD (or you can use the indiepad). But there's a problem. The camera is only on the first PG (logically) If the second PG's not in the "Hero's Area"...
  17. Freank

    RMMV Party Game: MV + indiepad + co-op

    I started to work on this project. It's the first alpha. In few words, it is a "game" in local co-op. Using the app called indiepad you can turn the smartphones of your friends into gamepads to move the different characters. Up to four players. You do not need to connect other gamepads to...
  18. Freank

    Is there a script about responsive html5 game ?

    Hi guys, is there a script to make a responsive game ? With MV I saw several games playable online. But I can play it only in this way : Is there a script to make a responsive html game and play it also in this way ?
  19. Freank

    We're looking for VX Games !

    It's very hard to follow the  Project Recruitment Rules and Guidelines... because it's not a game. It's a service for the developers. We're making a script for Rpg Maker VX (and ACE) that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. It's the first time that is...
  20. Freank

    We're looking for VX Games !

    Hi Guys ! We're making a script for Rpg Maker VX (and ACE) that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. It's the first time that is made a script like this for Rpg Maker Games. Now there aren't scripts that make this. The script is ... mhm... 80%...

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