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  1. Dinamic Creates

    RMMV LIVENEL - Discordance

    This looks so promising, I hope you get to sell it on Steam and such.
  2. Dinamic Creates

    RMMV Eat the King! - An Undead Strategy RPG

    I'm commenting to make sure I will try this one.
  3. Dinamic Creates

    RMMV Manafinder

    This could be the next "RPG Maker Game" success! I can see the passion put in here.
  4. Dinamic Creates

    RMMV Disorder

    This looks promising! Keep going, I'm following your work now.
  5. Dinamic Creates

    Now it seems I will have to add a chain item in my projects.

    Now it seems I will have to add a chain item in my projects.
  6. Dinamic Creates

    Background Picture

    I believe this is possible, and I'm not sure where should I start to check. I would like a plugin to put a picture on the back of the game to replace the black bars. My games have a fixed resolution, so I would like to make some "arcade cabinet" art or things like that to put behind the game...
  7. Dinamic Creates

    Your opinion on differing/clashing art styles within a game?

    If you are having different styles on the same kind of images (like the character portraits), i.e. Fire Emblem Heroes... well... It's uncomfortable to see. However, if the thing of your game is having different styles on purpose (those, 8bit character evolves into 16 into 3D games), and...
  8. Dinamic Creates

    Please just don't do this a lot, or you will never end. It's okay to go back and restart, but...

    Please just don't do this a lot, or you will never end. It's okay to go back and restart, but not more than once per project.
  9. Dinamic Creates

    oh no, my chain:c Nah, it's the Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't Break the Chain" strategy for...

    oh no, my chain:c Nah, it's the Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't Break the Chain" strategy for motivation... look for it. That's the only way I have managed to keep working on my projects daily.
  10. Dinamic Creates

    Don't Break the Chain!

    Don't Break the Chain!
  11. Dinamic Creates

    Move route script call

    Wow! Having the move route definition for each event in their respective map json files makes a lot of sense, lol. Now I will try to play with this. I can't thank you enough! Yeah, I got the lines I wanted and it works like a charm ♥. var moveRoute = { "list":[{"code":0,"parameters":[]}]...
  12. Dinamic Creates

    Move route script call

    Yeah, I have done that with other common events and it works flawlessly.. it's like... stacks? But, this is a Button Command Event (Yanfly). When you press 'C' on the map, the player attacks from a distance to an enemy event, my script looks for an event with a specific notetag in the...
  13. Dinamic Creates

    Move route script call

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering, how are we supposed to use the move route script calls? It seems I have to create a moveRoute variable/object and then send it through a character (event, player) function, but I have no idea on how to define this variable. I can't find anything related to a...
  14. Dinamic Creates

    Keep getting "Unexpected" SyntaxErrors

    It worked! Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense. It seems I didn't noticed that on my research.
  15. Dinamic Creates

    Keep getting "Unexpected" SyntaxErrors

    Hello, I'm interested in making plugins, however, I'm working with events and script calls by now. I'm coding a script that enables or disables a Switch if the two nearest spaces behind the player are passable or not, but when I check if it works, the game keeps throwing me "Unexpected"...
  16. Dinamic Creates

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    This is looking pretty good and so original! I feel motivated to progress on my own projects when I see this :) Can't wait to play a demo or something:D
  17. Dinamic Creates

    Party Member selection

    Actually, there's a command that reads ''Show Choice'' in the first page of event commands, right?
  18. Dinamic Creates

    Battles and Encounter like ragnarok

    This would be an Action Battle System.  Search for that.
  19. Dinamic Creates


    Just what I wanted for a recent idea.
  20. Dinamic Creates


    Have you tried creating 48x48 3D Model sprites?

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