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  1. Ikari

    Need Assistance with Mog Scene File A (RPG MAKER VX ACE)

    Hello! I think I'll get right to the chase here. Currently, I'm using the script "Scene File A" made by Mog Hunter. It seems that the script was originally fit for 544x416 resolution, but since I have change my resolution to a higher size, (640x480) For example, this is how my screen looks like...
  2. Ikari

    Mog Hunter Battleback EX and Sideview Script Clash

    Hey-ho, I'm sure some of you know me by now, but I'm having a script error. So I've tried out Mog Hunter's "Battleback EX" script, along with having the Enu Sideview script already put into the game. However, when I test out MogHunter's Battleback EX Script, I get this error, and apparently it...
  3. Ikari

    How to hide decimal numbers and remove party member shadow?

    Er, I'm not good at explaining so I'll try to do it as best as I can. 1st problem Basically, during a battle in my game, I tried to remove a party member, and then add in another party member that does a certain skill and then fights against the enemy with you. When I add them, it does work...
  4. Ikari

    Issue when player is moving around?

    Heyo. Just now, I was testplaying my game to see which area needed more detail or more NPCs. But suddenly when my player's walking around an area for a short period of time, a random script error occurs. Not to mention that the player is only taking a few steps forward/backward. Thanks in...
  5. Ikari

    Re-positioning MOG's Battle Command EX.

    Not sure if I should've posted this to my last topic. Oh well. lol Hello again. Without further ado, I'm using the MOG Battle Command EX Script as well as the Enu Sideview Script together and I want to be able to reposition the battle command for each actor in battle. However, when I do so, it...
  6. Ikari

    Re-positioning Ziffee Spin Command.

    Just to get to the point quick here, haha. Basically I have an Ace version of Ziffee Spin Command, and I can't find the line where you can reposition the battle command window. I simply want it to be a certain position for each sprite in battle. Like this: For red, I want the spin command to be...
  7. Ikari

    RPG Maker VX Ace Export Error?

    Basically, I'm trying to export multiple things in RPG Maker VX Ace, and when I do, suddenly the entire program begins to stop responding. How can I fix this problem? Thanks. Also a screenshot:
  8. Ikari

    Script Error

    Hello there. This may be a distinct problem from the rest, but basically I've been having a script error that comes with transferring between maps. Basically, I have a 17 x 13 map set up that leads to an elevator, which is evented to take you from one place to another. The map that leads to the...
  9. Ikari

    What was your first anime/manga, or how did you get into anime/manga?

    The title says it all. Of course, around the world there are tons of fans of both anime and manga, with some saying manga is better than anime, or anime is better than manga. So, for fun, I decided to put this topic up. What was your first anime/manga, or how did you get into it? As for me...
  10. Ikari

    Actor-Specific Event

    Heyo. I'll get straight to the point. If you have played games like Tales of Symphonia, you'll notice that each event can be slightly altered, whether movement or action or dialogue, based upon the party member leader.  I want to make actor-dependent events where people say different things...
  11. Ikari

    What do you think would be the most fitting anime opening/ending for your RPG Maker Game?

    Not even sure where this topic is supposed to go so I posted it where I think it goes, lol. Just as the topic says, what do you think would be the most fitting anime opening/ending for your RPG Maker Game? Rather, if your RPG Maker Game got an anime adaptation or something. Or rather, most...
  12. Ikari

    Game Over Screens

    Some game over screens that I made out of boredom. Free resource, anyone can take.  Enjoy. I'll perhaps come to upload more game over screens I make if I'm bored.
  13. Ikari

    Script Collision with Blackmorning's "Basic Status"

    Just posting it here since I've accidentally put it in the wrong topic. I've implemented one of black morning's scripts that goes by the name of "Basic Status" that requires the KGC Bit Map extension, as well as the basic module script that is required for all of his scripts. However, there is...
  14. Ikari

    Yanfly Battle System/Enu Sideview Battle System Script Problem

    Hello all, and I've got a problem with this battle system. Rather, a script error that's killing me. So basically I want this force-action skill to kill off an enemy, and whenever I do, the victory window pops up, and all is well. However, the battle window from that battle is still taking...
  15. Ikari

    Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)?

    Not sure if this topic has been posted already, but has anyone watched Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan lately? It's... I think there's a pretty high chance that it's going to be the Anime of 2013 or Anime of the Year, since it's pretty much one heck of a great show.
  16. Ikari

    Your very first RM game...(or worst/cancelled ones)

    Unfortunately I forgot my first RPG's name I worked on, but it was BAD. Like, terribly bad. The game was based on TheMize18's tutorials, following all the steps of how to do this and that, etc lol. (He was an old RPG Tutorial Guy, closed his account unfortunately :( ) Another game I made was...
  17. Ikari

    Why does it take along time in saving project?

    Hm, same thing usually happens to me. It might depend on your CPU Usuage.
  18. Ikari

    Whispers of Eternity [RMVXAce]

    LYSON! WHISPERS OF ETERNITY! NOSTALGIA! I remember this game now. Anyway, game looks great! Can't wait for a demo! (If it's already released, then I'm wrong. lol)

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