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  1. raymi100

    Is there a plugin that lets you change which skills have a Chanting Motion?

    I want chanting motions to be skill specific, not skill type specific. Because, for example, not all skills in the "Special" skill category are magical, but some of them are. Is there a plugin that exists for this sort of thing?
  2. raymi100

    A skill link plugin that allows two actors to link skills, but only with specific actors.

    What I want is in the title. Here's an explanation: Actor 1 can only link skills with Actor 2 and vice versa. If they try to link with Actor 3 or 4, it won't work. Likewise, Actor 3 can only link skills with Actor 4 and vice versa. For example: In battle, Actor 1 attempts to link their Fire...
  3. raymi100

    Raymi's Escape Success Message

    Howdy howdy! A while ago, I wrote this script out of a need for it because I wanted to make it so there's a message that pops up when you successfully escape a battle, not just when you fail to escape one. So here you go! I hope it's useful to you~ I don't foresee any problems with it, but if...
  4. raymi100

    Raymi's Defeat ME Play

    Hey! This is a simple script that makes it so an ME plays when you lose a battle, not just when you win one :) I hope it'll be useful to you! I don't foresee any problems with it, but if you come across one, please let me know~ You can get the script here: Enjoy~ :D
  5. raymi100

    Yanfly Class Change Core Problem

    Hiya! So, I have this problem with Yanfly's Class Change Core that when I put the proper notetag in the actor box for the player to have a class unlocked by default, it gives me the skills of that class on top of the skills of the current class, even though I haven't selected that class yet. ...
  6. raymi100

    Hi everyone!

    Hey~ I've actually had an account on this website for a little over a year now, but I've never posted on here before. o.o I don't know why, it just never felt important to me until now XD Well, anyway, I'm Raymi :)  I'm gonna try to use this website more, because there's a lot of useful things...

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