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  1. Haydeos

    Yanfly Skill cooldown, help to reset on kill

    I'm trying to make a skill that has a 2 turn cooldown, but if it kills the target, the cooldown is reset to 0. I have no idea what I'm doing...someone who knows the plugin help me please XD What I put in the skill note tag: So far it gives an error that the target is undefined.
  2. Haydeos

    Custom battle UI with skills as buttons

    I'm developing a game where each character has a total of 5 skills, a basic attack, and access to items. I'd like each skill to have their own custom icon that you click on, much like MOBAs such as league of legends. Screen shots that I made up in Photoshop to give an idea: As you can see, I...
  3. Haydeos

    RMMV Humors

    Synopsis: "Well, What is this game actually about?" Setting Characters: Screenshots: Progress & Goals: Main Story: WIP Relationship System: WIP Comedy System: WIP Mapping: WIP Menu Art: Done! Still could be redone later... Character art: WIP Walking Sprites: Not started... Character &...
  4. Haydeos

    Encrypted game doesn't show custom menu pictures

    I'm using SumRndmDude's Menu Backgrounnds plugin, Version 2.05. They work fine while play-testing and also when I deployed the game without encrypting the files. However, when I encrypt the deployed game files, the backgrounds are missing, it becomes a black background. What am I missing?
  5. Haydeos

    Like D&D? My Bro & Co. have a podcast!

    If you're into D&D audio series, my older brother and his friends are currently on episode 6 of their podcast series. It'll be a long campaign to start, with random 1 shot adventures planned later on. The episodes are about an hour each (With episode 1 being 2 hours). They try to make sure that...
  6. Haydeos

    Stand-up Comedy as a bonus game mechanic.

    The main character of my project fancies himself as an amateur comedian. While the game will focus on fighting their way to the big boss & killing it, I think it'd be kinda cool to have optional contests of humor. It can be used either as a way of gaining bonus items as a reward, or possibly...
  7. Haydeos

    Haydeos' Custom Tiles/Houses

    Credit: "Haydeos" Non-Commercial: Free Commercial: PM Me please! (My other thread Here is completely free for commercial use) Repost: Big NO, please. Edits: Allowed for personal use. As long as the ^above terms^ are kept in mind. Repost of Edits: No. Maker Required: Any...
  8. Haydeos

    Materials by Haydeos!

    New Forum, Time to edit my thread! :D Terms of Use: Non-Commercial Use: Free Commercial Use: Free as well! Credits: Haydeos, Kadokawa Editing: Allowed, for personal use. Reposting: Not allowed. Shout-outs: Appreciated. Trading Card Assets: Edited Tilesets: Floors: Walls: Outside...
  9. Haydeos

    More than 30 in-battle weapon icons

    Currently the "[sV] Attack Motions" pulls from a maximum of 30 animations, found in Weapons1, Weapons2, & Weapons3 Is there any way of making a Weapons4? Or heck, just combining all 3 into 1 .png that can be expanded as well for new animations. Possibly...(I'm not a coder!) make a note in each...
  10. Haydeos

    A Comic's Tale (Demo)

    Sake (The Hunter): Christianna (The Nurse): Jordan (The Scrapper):
  11. Haydeos

    Edits by Haydeos! Sprites, Facesets, Icons, Tilesets, Etc.

    So I'm making a game with TheoAllen's side view battle system...and I needed some animated monsters. I get told A LOT by internet people to do things myself (for some reason) so I decided to make some basic edits of the default mobs to use as animated enemies. Noticed as I tested out saving...
  12. Haydeos

    What big name actor(s) would you like to see in GoT?

    What big name actors or actresses do you think would make a good addition to Game of Thrones? State your pick and describe why. Possible talking points include what sort of character they'd be. How long they'd survive. What sort of interactions they'd have with other characters. How they would...
  13. Haydeos

    A Comic's Tale Demo available.


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