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  1. Is using community made resources cheating?

    Thanks for the word of encouragement. Need to get a notepad today and start taking notes on what I want. Going in head first with no prep is a bad way to go.
  2. Is using community made resources cheating?

    That's a good point. I'm going to be working on this game solo. And I have no prior experience making Video Games. It sounds like if I made everything my self, working on the game part time. It would take a decade. I'd give up in a month of trying haha. Nice to know even pro's are cool with...
  3. Is using community made resources cheating?

    So I got the RPG Maker MV because it was on sale on Steam. I'd been waiting for it to come on sale for a while. And of course, I want to make a game. But I want to make a decent attempt at it. Learn some things to make it the best I can make. But do people think that using Plugins made by...
  4. Which Side View Battle System to use?

    Thanks for the extra responces. I'm giving the Theolized SBS a go and I like it. It's taking me a while to get to grips with as I'm no scriptor as I've probably said a million times. But using a random sprite sheet I found on the Internet, I've made a skill where my guy runs to the enemy...
  5. Symphony and Spritesheet question

    Nevermind. I just found out what row does what pose. For those that don't know... Pose order: 1.Idle 2.Defend 3.Woozy 4.Struck 5.Attack 6.Item 7.Skill 8.Magic 9.Advance 10.Retreat 11.Victory 12.Enter 13.Dead However, the Holder's Battler script doesn't have an entry to use row 12. Taken from...
  6. Symphony and Spritesheet question

    Ahh I understand how it works now. So it's just a case of finding out which row of the sprite sheet does what stance and then tailoring the sheet to meet the addon's requirements. Hmm, I suppose it's an easy way of doing it once you figure one what row of the sprite sheet does what since you...
  7. Symphony and Spritesheet question

    Hello again all So I've played around with the Symphony Tutorial here but one thing it does not explain is how it links different sprites to individual actions. The tutorial tells us that putting "stance: user, attack" into the notes of the skill will put the user into an attacking stance and...
  8. Which Side View Battle System to use?

    So after reading everything so far, it seems that Victor and Symphony are well known. But because Victor is "inactive" and his scripts has compatibility issues, I'll try Symphony. Thanks for the comparisons so far. I'd welcome more as I have a little play with Symphony. How hard could it be...
  9. Which Side View Battle System to use?

    Hey everyone. First time poster here. So I have had the RPG maker VX Ace for a year now and I'm only just thinking of making a game for it. I wanted to make a 20 epic game then I thought "uhhhh nah. You don't have the attention span...". So I'm going to make a small 2 hour long game instead...

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