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  1. GALER

    Battle Sprite change graphics based on state

    Hey guys! I am currently using Yanflys plugins, and Im trying to create a skill for "Hide in Shadows" for actor battles, where they move off to the right of their position and change image(maybe all black silhouette). I've been looking at some previous threads similar in nature, bit for some...
  2. GALER

    Yep Party System Issue

    Hey everybody! I'm currently using YEP's Party manager. I have set the max party amount to 5. When I remove any members to have less than 5 in my active party, they main menu screen shows the correct # of characters in active party, but when I go into battle, it defaults and takes the...
  3. GALER

    JRPG's that have name input

    Hey guys, Just wondering about something. After the FF series where you were able to name your characters, was there ever a series after that, which was moderately successful and who also used the name option system?? Wouldn't mind playing some old school stuff right now.
  4. GALER

    GALER: Plague of heroes Poll Questionnaire

    Hey guys, I am still trying to implement a ration system (as an alternate difficulty setting in my game), it is quite a bit of work, so I'm just wondering how many of you would like this option??  (Details)  - This food ration system would be a choice in the game (I/e: you can choose to...
  5. GALER

    GALER: Plague of heroes NOW AVALIABLE on Steam!!

    Hey guys, "GALER: Plague of heroes" is now live and available for purchase on Steam!! A huge thank you to those who kept encouraging me to finish the product! Take care! -Graham Dodge

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