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  1. Elissiaro

    RMMV Do you know if you got in right away?

    I submitted my game very last minute. (literally, when the gamejam time hit zero the posted time was "1 minute ago") And I haven't published any games on before, so i might have been a few seconds too late on making it public, but i don't know if you can even check that. But I've also...
  2. Elissiaro

    Hud Help- Negative Variables?

    So I've been trying to make a working hud for a while now. I have 2 moving images, (and some not moving images around to frame them but those aren't important) and I want them to move left off the screen. Like this basically: Is there anyway to get like, a negative number from the "set...

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Got accepted into the architecture degree. Now I have all the doubting questions. Have to give them an answer in the next few days.
Just realized I have a few Steam gifts floating around. Anyone need RPG Maker MV or XP (Steam only)? Send me a message and I will send them on over!

EDIT: Just an RPG Maker MV gift remaining! XP has been taken.
*when you can do the Unity tutorials, but when you actually try and convert it to your own knowledge, it fails horribly*
Hi, I made a game for a competition. I need some players to help play and vote for the best game.
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Voting is open until 12 August.

Progresses. Tonight: refinemment, column, pitfall, bump and gutter (I'll leave doors for last, they are scary).

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