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  1. Help me show how big the gaming community is

    Hello, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read my post. Im currently working on a project game using rpg maker mv and have managed to get a company interested in my idea. I must create a proposal document and i need a little bit of help gathering data on the audience reach...
  2. Raghouls - Capture monsters app game

    Hi everyone, id like to share my 1st app game made with rpg maker mv. its the 1st time i've made any games. Made with Rpg Maker mv for google play.  Aproximately 40-50 hours gameplay to catch them all. Based on pokemon you explore and catch monsters (from the Monsters Legacy Pack) and...

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Got accepted into the architecture degree. Now I have all the doubting questions. Have to give them an answer in the next few days.
Just realized I have a few Steam gifts floating around. Anyone need RPG Maker MV or XP (Steam only)? Send me a message and I will send them on over!

EDIT: Just an RPG Maker MV gift remaining! XP has been taken.
*when you can do the Unity tutorials, but when you actually try and convert it to your own knowledge, it fails horribly*
Hi, I made a game for a competition. I need some players to help play and vote for the best game.
don’t forget to rate the game here

Voting is open until 12 August.

Progresses. Tonight: refinemment, column, pitfall, bump and gutter (I'll leave doors for last, they are scary).

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