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  1. ProjectUnknow

    [Poll] Which of the two Graphics Tablet should I Get?

    Hi ya, so as the title says. I've spent dozens of hours researching and had found these two that I liked but I'm having trouble deciding which one is better, as the both are said to have some bugs on them. Please input your vote if you recommend one of the two, or leave a comment if you got...
  2. ProjectUnknow

    What's The First RPG Maker Game You've Created?

    Alrighty, I don't know if a similar forum had already been made, but as the titles says, what is the first rpg maker game you've made? it can be unreleased, and made in any rpg maker program, screenshot is optional. My inspiration for this, was when I discovered my old created games, so here mine!
  3. ProjectUnknow

    My 3 Months of Art

    Hello everyone! I'm a self-taught artist of 5 years. While scrolling through this forum, I stumble on people who shared their arts, so it motivated me to also show mines. All of the art are drawn on my Note 3 as I do not have a graphic tablet :( Beware, This is a long list! The 4th of 2018...
  4. ProjectUnknow

    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Rainfall Tower A game in works by a lonely producer. The Story Gameplay Battle Gameplay [/SPOILER] The Characters The NPCs [/SPOILER] Maps/Screenshots - Some Are Subject To Change [/SPOILER] Room Of The Lost Screenshots [/SPOILER] The Lores Credits Tiles Music...

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